What Is the ATI TEAS Reading Test?

The ATI TEAS Reading Test is also called the TEAS Reading Comprehension Test. This section assesses reading comprehension skills; attention to detail; and the ability to read, analyze, and make your answer choice in an efficient and organized manner.

The TEAS Reading Test consists of various types of questions. This section requires thorough preparation so you can become comfortable quickly digesting long passages and answering the questions that follow. There are several different question types covered on the test. Learn how to improve your question-solving techniques, and familiarize yourself with the TEAS Reading Test’s style.

You will have 55 minutes to answer the 45 items on the Reading section. The ATI TEAS Reading section is comprised of three topics:

  • Key Ideas and Details (15 items, 38% of the Reading section)
  • Craft & Structure (9 items, 24% of the Reading section)
  • Integration of Knowledge & Ideas (15 items, 38% of the Reading section)
  • An additional 6 questions are included as pretest items

At face value, these topics can seem overwhelming and confusing. However, at the most basic level, you are being tested on your ability to read and comprehend certain elements of a passage and the effect of those elements.

Free TEAS Reading Test Sample

The following two questions are examples of questions that are likely to appear as question types on the Reading section of your ATI TEAS Test:


She has very set ideas about how parents should behave.
Which of the following dictionary definitions is most appropriate for "set" as used in the sentence above?


A. A collection or group of multiple parts that serve a purpose together

B. Fixes or firmly settled

C. The or action of setting

D. Being in readiness, prepared

Answer & Explanation

The correct answer is (B).

The word "set" has several meanings, and it can be inferred which one is relevant using the context provided in the sentence.
You need to check which answer choice both fits the general notion conveyed in the sentence and corresponds well with its structure.

If answer (B) is placed in the sentence, it states that the woman has firm (or fixed) ideas as to how parents should behave. This sentence makes sense and therefore is the correct answer.

Answer choices (A) and (C) are incorrect because they are both nouns. Note that the word "very" indicates that the next word should be an adjective or an adverb. Therefore, both can be eliminated without examining whether their meanings fit the context.

Answer (D) is incorrect because saying the woman has well-prepared ideas is not logical.

Solving tip:
There are two ways to tackle this sort of question:


  • Read the sentence.
  • Figure out the appropriate definition.
  • Look for an answer choice that states your anticipated answer.
  • If such an answer exists, choose it. If not, check the answer choices one by one and choose the one that fits best.


  • Read the sentence.
  • Place each answer choice in the sentence.
  • Choose the answer that fits best.

Although the first method might seem longer (especially if your anticipated answer does not appear among the answer choices), sometimes it is the better option, since some answer choices are designed to distract you from the correct answer. Anticipating the correct answer might help you avoid these traps.

Which of the following sources will be most helpful for two friends who wish to travel via the old European trade routes?


  1. GPS
  2. Google maps
  3. Historical road atlas
  4. Newspaper archives
Answer & Explanation

The correct answer is (C).

Since the two friends are looking for travel routes, you can eliminate answer (D) which doe not offer any help and is, therefore, irrelevant.

Both GPS and Google maps are great traveling tools; however, they provide up-to-date route information, while the two friends are interested in historical routes, which might have changed over the years.

Therefore, the most appropriate source for their mission would be an historical road atlas.

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ATI Testing's TEAS VII and ATI TEAS Reading Test

ATI Testing's ATI TEAS exam differs slightly from the old TEAS VI, or TEAS version 6 test. Thus, there are limitations to using TEAS VI practice tests when studying for the ATI TEAS. Our new ATI TEAS reading exam prep offers an ideal alternative.

While the TEAS VI Reading section used to be made up of 53 questions, the new ATI TEAS Reading test is comprised of 45 questions. Our ATI TEAS Reading Pack offers practice tests that have 45 questions per test, thereby providing ideal TEAS test practice. The question topics are very similar and are relevant to the material you must study for the ATI TEAS exam.

How to Pass the ATI TEAS Reading Comprehension Test

Can you read a passage and quickly get a firm and clear grasp of what is happening in it? This skill can be broken down into various steps, all of which can be learned and practiced.

  • Can you analyze the content?
  • Can you identify and apply key ideas and details?
  • Can you make a solid judgment of the author’s style and intention?
  • Can you identify the author’s craft and recognize the elements of the text’s structure? 
  • Can you combine your analysis with your understanding of the key ideas and the author’s craft?

All these abilities present a clearer picture of the message that the text is trying to convey, thus enabling you to reach your answer much quicker. Focus your TEAS test prep on improving these skills.

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TEAS Reading Study Guide PDF

We have created a free TEAS test study guide for the Reading section. This study guide outlines the topics to be covered. Use the TEAS study guide and practice TEAS tests to master your exam technique before test day. Download and print your study guide now.

What Is Included in our ATI TEAS Practice Packs?

TestPrep-Online offers a variety of practice packs that are designed to help you improve your score on ATI Testing’s TEAS test. Currently, we offer three practice packs, each featuring multiple TEAS practice tests and TEAS study questions. If you need to focus on improving your ATI TEAS Reading knowledge, you can purchase our ATI TEAS Reading Pack.

What is included in our ATI TEAS Reading Pack?

  • Two full-length TEAS 7 Reading Sections
  • 191 extra TEAS reading questions
  • TEAS reading study guide

Discover how the ATI TEAS Reading Pack offered by TestPrep-Online can help you maximize your potential and provide you with great TEAS test practice. Prepare for the 2024 ATI TEAS Reading Test now!

ATI TEAS Practice Tests

We also provide ATI TEAS Reading Comprehension practice tests in our ATI TEAS Premium Pack. This best-selling pack includes questions developed by math, biology, and language experts. Our ATI TEAS practice tests are very similar to those that appear on the actual ATI Nursing exam. All our questions are accompanied by detailed answer explanations, and you have the option to retake each practice test as many times as you need.

Get Free TEAS Practice!

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