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Prepare for the NWEA MAP Math Section

Are you looking for some insight into the MAP math section to help your child excel through the preparation process? TestPrep-Online has the information you need for navigating this test and helping your child succeed.
MAP 3rd Grade Practice Pack

The MAP practice pack for 3rd grade comes with one full-length MAP test, six quizzes per topic, additional math enrichment questions, and student and parent guides.

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About the MAP Math Section

All grade levels, from kindergarten to 12th, contain a math section as part of the MAP test. While the test contains an average of 52 questions, this is subject to change as the test adapts to each student's abilities.

In general, the test covers the following areas based on grade level:
  • Number sense
  • Estimation and computation
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Measurement
  • Statistics and probability
  • Problem solving, reasoning, and proofs

For older grades, students may need a calculator to help solve the problems. In this case, an on-screen calculator will appear. Scratch paper is provided for all grades.

MAP Math Questions

All of the questions on the math section of the test are multiple choice. In some questions, you are asked to fill in missing parts of an equation, while in others, such as word problems, you are given all the information and simply need to work out the equation in your head or on paper.

MAP Math Practice

Preparing for the math test in advance is a great way for students to review and refresh their skills. Our MAP practice pack for third graders can prepare students for the MAP test and make test day much less stressful. Let TestPrep-Online give your child a leg up on the math section.

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