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3rd Grade STAAR 2018 Practice

NEW! Prep for the STAAR 3rd grade test with our NEW STAAR 3rd Grade Pack. All students attending public, primary, and elementary schools in Texas are required to take the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR). Help your child prepare for the STAAR and take it with confidence and ease with our resources, practice tips, and STAAR practice tests.

The pack includes:
  • Complete solution of the 2017 exam
  • 1 full-length practice math test (32 questions)
  • 1 full-length practice reading test (34 questions)
  • 4 math drills (60 questions in total)
  • 3 reading drills (60 questions in total)
  • 5 study guides
  • Answers with detailed explanations
  • Personalized score reports
  • Secured payment & immediate online access

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About the 3rd Grade STAAR Test

Students in third grade take two STAAR tests: Math and Reading. This year (2018–2019), the 3rd grade STAAR test dates were on the following days:

  • Math – May 14th (Monday) 2018 (this test date has passed).
  • Reading – May 15th (Tuesday) 2018 (this test date has passed).

Districts notify parents and students of test results for the May 2018 testing of STAAR Math and STAAR Reading by June 27th 2018. See the official Texas Education Agency website for full details. 

Each test has a time limit of four hours. After completing the test, students' scores fall into one of the three performance standards:

  • Level I: Unsatisfactory Academic Performance
  • Level II: Satisfactory Academic Performance
  • Level III: Advanced Academic Performance

Read more about the STAAR Performance Standards here.

3rd Grade STAAR Math Test Practice

The test contains 34 multiple-choice questions and three open-ended questions. The student is provided with graphing paper and a reference sheet. Calculators are not allowed. The test covers various mathematical concepts that were taught during the year. The following examples are just a few of the topics you can expect to be covered on the test:

  • Fractions
  • The four basic operations
  • Data plotting
  • Graph analysis
  • Units of measurement
  • Basic geometry (area, perimeter, shape properties)
  • Number properties
  • Equation writing based on given data

The STAAR Math Test can be challenging for anyone. To help your third grader feel less intimidated, TestPrep-Online has released a new  collection of practice material to help your child along the way, including 3rd Grade math STAAR practice questions and tests, as well as detailed explanations.

Start practicing now with over 180 STAAR 3rd grade questions, for just $49!

3rd Grade STAAR Reading Test Practice

The test contains a total of five paragraphs, 550–700 words in length, with each one being followed by eight questions surrounding the content. The STAAR utilizes paragraphs taken from various sources, such as fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. In addition to evaluating students' vocabulary, the test assesses students' understanding of certain literary features:

  • Main theme
  • Author's purpose
  • Relations between paragraphs
  • Basic plot

Students can also expect to be tested on specific details and their contribution to the storytelling. Passages might contain images as well as questions inquiring about the relationship between these images and the written information.

To improve your child’s confidence by the day of the test, you can try TestPrep-Online’s 3rd Grade STAAR Practice Pack, which includes STAAR English exam solutions for the 3rd Grade, to help your child better understand STAAR English questions.

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Tips for Taking the 3rd Grade STAAR Test

Don’t know where to STAARt in your preparation process? Here are just a few of the tips you can find to help your student ace the test:
  • Choose your prepping weapons. Knowing what to expect on the test is important. Make sure your child is comfortable with the material by providing a variety of preparation sources, such as practice tests, sample questions, and helpful explanations.
  • Keep your student healthy. A strong body is a strong mind. Make sure your child gets enough sleep throughout his or her preparation process, and especially the day before the test. For fuel, choose healthy snacks, like fruit and nuts.
  • Use actual STAAR math material. As with prepping for the STAAR Reading Test, using 3rd Grade math STAAR practice questions is the best way to familiarize your child with the testing material.
  • Keep testing conditions in mind. While preparing your child, try as much as possible to mimic testing conditions as well as content. Set a timer, for instance, while giving your child practice tests.
  • Make it fun! Let’s face it- it’s hard to get a third-grader to study. Fix this problem by making studying an engaging activity. Games, for instance, are a perfect way to keep your child excited and motivated.

STAAR Test Practice Online

The STAAR is an important test that can influence and shape your child's future academic development. Make sure your child is ready for the test by preparing with TestPrep-Online’s 3rd Grade STAAR test practice pack.

Our NEW STAAR 3rd grade practice pack includes 3rd grade math and English STAAR practice worksheets, in-depth answer explanations, and helpful study guides, allowing your child to become familiar with the test structure and providing him or her with the confidence needed to succeed.

Please note: we do not provide the real STAAR tests on this website. Our tests are simulations, written to closely match the test style and content of the actual test. We also provide full written solutions for our STAAR practice questions, whereas the official STAAR practice papers do not come with explanations. For official STAAR practice papers, visit the STAAR website

Start preparing with our STAAR 3rd grade math pack now, for only $49!

The STAAR and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with TestPrep-Online or this website.

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