We got the OLSAT/NNAT Bundle. We really like that we can watch the video academy multiple times. The site is easy and comfortable to use and I would recommend it to other parents of gifted children.
The test at school (NNAT) was easier than the questions on the website. I knew my answers were correct for all the questions except for two of them that I found somewhat confusing. I had a lot of fun doing the test!
Within a week of my son using the OLSAT/NNAT bundle, his scores improved drastically. My son was accepted onto the program!
We used the NNAT practice packs. Very helpful! Highly recommended.
The product was fun, child friendly and truly enjoyable. My son especially liked the the bright visuals, ease of use, and the timer that helps him track his progress.
We used the NNAT practice tests. We liked the practice drills and the fact that there was so much prep material! The videos were very helpful and I would recommend this product to other parents.
We got the OLSAT tests. Our child took the test at the end of January. She enjoyed preparing and thought the questions were challenging.

Why Both OLSAT and NNAT?

Both the OLSAT and NNAT tests are used to determine children's eligibility for gifted and talented (G&T) programs. School districts have different policies regarding how gifted and talented children are identified. In most districts, the process involves evaluation of a student's classroom performance considered alongside scores on one or more standardized tests. Usually, at least one of these is an abstract reasoning test, such as the NNAT, OLSAT, or CogAT.

An abstract reasoning test evaluates cognitive ability using pictures and patterns instead of words. The questions more closely resemble puzzles than the kinds of questions your child is likely used to seeing on tests at school. Abstract reasoning tests can measure both non-verbal and verbal ability. Non-verbal ability includes logical and spatial reasoning, tested separately or together. While verbal reasoning can involve words, abstract reasoning tests like the OLSAT and NNAT focus on finding connections between pictures based on the purpose or function of objects that are portrayed.

Since the OLSAT and NNAT are similar tests, NNAT questions can serve as enrichment for OLSAT study and vice versa. Despite the similarity between the tests, your child may find that he or she is stronger on one test than the other. If permitted by your school district, you can choose either the OLSAT or NNAT to showcase your child's abilities. In some cases, a school district will require both the OLSAT and NNAT, or some combination of the two.

New York City's public school system uses its own gifted and talented screening test that is a combination of the OLSAT verbal section and the NNAT in its entirety. TestPrep-Online is proud to offer an NYC G&T Prep Pack specifically for this test.

Effective Preparation with the OLSAT & NNAT Bundle

The OLSAT & NNAT Bundle provides a wealth of resources to help your child perform to his or her fullest potential on the OLSAT and NNAT. Full-length practice tests closely simulate the real OLSAT and NNAT Tests. Drills and quizzes focus on specific areas so that your child can be well prepared for all question types. Challenge questions provide opportunities for enrichment beyond the level of the test. They might even challenge you! The OLSAT & NNAT Premium Bundle includes unlimited access to the OLSAT and NNAT All of these resources combined can help your child reinforce strengths and address weaknesses, in both verbal and nonverbal abstract reasoning.

The OLSAT & NNAT Bundle is available at five levels: Pre-K/K, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, and 4th Grade. With the purchase of a Family Membership, you will gain access to all materials at all levels, allowing your child to practice above grade level if appropriate and providing materials for multiple children of different ages and abilities.

For the most effective preparation, start as long as possible before the test date, making gradual progress. Your child probably isn't used to answering abstract reasoning questions, so it's beneficial to give him or her time to get used to them. The study guides and Video Academy will teach your child how to recognize and solve the different types of questions. Having enough familiarity with the test to recognize the question types can significantly increase confidence and decrease anxiety. 

The OLSAT and NNAT are essentially puzzles, so make studying fun! The OLSAT and NNAT are all about identifying patterns. You and your child can practice spotting logical and spatial patterns all around you. Patterns are everywhere: both in nature and in human-made objects. If your child is under consideration for a gifted and talented program, chances are he or she is used to tests at school feeling easy. Encourage your child to develop intrinsic motivation that will allow him or her to persevere through more difficult tasks than he or she is accustomed to.

Encourage your child not to think about the test the night before. Instead, have a low-key evening to celebrate all of the hard work your child has done to prepare. Make sure your child gets a good night's sleep and has enough time in the morning do eat a nourishing breakfast and not to feel rushed on the way to the test. After the OLSAT or NNAT, take advantage of Test Prep Online's extensive resources to continue to enrich your child's education.

OLSAT and NNAT Video Academies

We are proud to provide high quality products for a low price. All of our practice materials include hundreds of questions. We believe that your child does not need expensive classes or tutors to succeed on a gifted children's test. With our online format, our study materials are available to you whenever, and wherever, you want. The videos below provide an inside look at the OLSAT and NNAT Video Academies. The OLSAT Video Academy contains 11 video tutorials describing how to approach every OLSAT question type. The OLSAT Video Academy is only included in Levels A-C Premium Bundle Packs.  The NNAT Video Academy a series of five tutorials which explain in detail how to solve each NNAT question type, and is included in every Premium Bundle Pack. To continue with the Video Academies, purchase any of the Premium Bundle Packs.





Are You an NYC Resident?

If you are or are in the process of becoming an NYC resident you may very well have heard of the NYC G&T Program. This competitive program is designed to aid children with above-average academic abilities realize their full potential. To be accepted into the NYC G&T Program, students must first take the NYC G&T Test, a combination of the NNAT and OLSAT Exams. TestPrep-Online offers practice material specifically for this purpose.

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