STAAR Free Sample Questions

To help you prepare for the STAAR, we wrote free sample questions per grade and included the explanations for all answers. Our aim is to help you understand and get a sense of the test material.

STAAR Math Test Practice Question-3rd Grade 

Daisy has a lot of rabbits. To feed her rabbits, Daisy decides to buy three packs of carrots. Each pack contains 10 carrots. She wants to give each rabbit six carrots. Which equation represents how many rabbits Daisy owns?  

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STAAR Reading Test Practice Question-3rd Grade 

Read the passage.

We believe that if girls are encouraged to follow their dreams, without focusing on what they should look like, they will grow up to be confident, strong, powerful women. That’s why we created Lammily, a family of dolls that look like real people. Lammily is the first fashion doll of this kind.
All Lammily dolls are made according to the proportions of the average nineteen-year-old American person. Everything from the body proportions, to the detailed feet and toes, to the hips, to the hands that can hold objects, is as real as possible.
Each Lammily doll has detailed clothes, realistic soft hair, and legs and arms that can move. The quality of the dolls is higher than you would expect for the $25 price. Each Lammily doll is named after their favorite hobby. The actual name is up to you!

What is the purpose of this passage?

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The Mathematics and Reading sections of the 3rd Grade STAAR Released Tests were designed to assess students' skills and knowledge in these subject areas. The Math test contains 34 multiple-choice questions and 3 open-ended questions. while the Reading test has approximately five paragraphs, 550–700 words in length, with each one being followed by eight questions related to the content. Both tests have a time limit of four hours.

The Math test covers a range of topics, including Numbers and Operations, Algebraic Reasoning, Geometry and Units of Measurement, and Data Analysis. Students may also encounter questions that assess their foundational skills, such as their ability to identify and work with mathematical symbols and concepts.

Similarly, the Reading test assesses students' comprehension and analysis skills across a range of genres, including Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, and Drama. It may also include questions related to Vocabulary, Author's Purpose, and Literary Elements.

Our 3rd Grade STAAR PrepPack includes 2 full-length simulations (Reading and Math) ,4 Math quizzes, and 3 Reading quizzes. the quizzes focus on different sub-topics so you can have a detailed understanding of each question type that is found in the test.

Practice for the 3rd Grade STAAR Test now!

STAAR Math Test Practice Question-4th Grade 

Sam wants to grow his own vegetable garden. The plot of land Sam plowed for his garden has two obtuse angles. Which figure could be the one Sam plowed?  

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STAAR Reading Test Practice Question-4th Grade 

Read the paragraph.

Technology surrounds today's kids most of their waking hours. Children spend on average close to eight hours a day watching TV, playing video games, and using their cell phones. This reliance on technology limits  kids' imaginations and their capacity for creativity, as they are rarely challenged to imagine things on their own. It also affects bodies as they perform less physical activity.

How is this paragraph organized?

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STAAR Writing Test Practice Question-4th Grade 

Read the sentence.
The museum near Ron's house on Baker street was first opened to the public on the 5th of june, 2005, in a big ceremony.
Which words in the sentence should begin with a capital letter?

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The 4th Grade STAAR Released Tests have been developed to evaluate the proficiency of students in Mathematics, Reading, and Writing. The Mathematics section consists of 45 multiple-choice questions and 3 open-ended ones, covering a broad range of topics, such as Numbers and Operations, Algebraic Reasoning, Geometry and Units of Measurement, and Data Analysis.

The Reading section is comprised of six passages of 600-800 words, followed by 44 questions, testing the students' comprehension and analysis abilities across various genres, including Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, and Drama.

The Writing section involves three passages of 300-550 words and 18 multiple-choice questions, evaluating the students' Grammar, Capitalization, Spelling, Syntax, and Punctuation Skills.

The total time limit for every test is four hours.

To help students prepare for the exam, our 4th Grade STAAR PrepPack includes three full-length simulations of the Reading, Math, and Writing tests, as well as three quizzes for the Reading and Writing tests, plus four quizzes for Math test. The quizzes cover different sub-topics to provide a targeted practice experience of each question type that is present in the test.

Practice for the 4th Grade STAAR Test!

STAAR Math Test Practice Question-5th Grade 

Rosie has a long ribbon that is 31.76 inches in length. She wants to cut it into eight matching ribbons of equal length. What is the length of each ribbon in inches?

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STAAR Reading Test Practice Question-5th Grade 

Read the passage.

The boy was wandering around the forest, looking curiously at the wild animals and plants around him. There were huge elm trees, beautiful red and yellow flowers, squirrels, chipmunks, and occasionally he even saw a few deer. Suddenly he let out a cry of excitement—he saw a female deer and her young fawn. The fawn was the most adorable thing the boy had ever seen.

What is the setting of the story?

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STAAR Math Test Practice Question-6th Grade 

As part of a local survey, Merry asked 700 people from his village to name their favorite food. The results showed that 28 of the villagers like mushrooms best. What percentage of the villagers surveyed prefer mushrooms to all other food?

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STAAR Reading Test Practice Question-6th Grade 

Read the paragraph.

The city of Genoa (Italian: Genova) is located in the north of Italy and is the sixth-largest city in Italy. Its uniqueness becomes evident when you start wandering around its streets. As you walk along the port, the smell of fresh fish surrounds you, nearly engulfing the strong smell of the ocean. The ocean is particularly beautiful in this city, with the water waltzing in the light wind and glowing in the evening sun with a unique hue. As you keep walking, you can hear the whisper of the waves on one side and the musical, loud Italian on the other; yes, the Genovese are warm, kind, and loud! Genoa is nicknamed "The Vertical Town" because of its many narrow, steep stairways in the middle of the street, many of which can only be climbed by one person at a time. The stairways are often the only way to get from one place to another in the streets of Genoa, so be prepared to climb quite a lot.

Which of the following is used in the passage to create a mental image of the city of Genoa?

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STAAR Math Test Practice Question-7th Grade 

Belladonna wants to buy a new cake pan to bake a seed cake for her guests. The pan should be cylinder in shape, 9 inches in radius, and 162π in volume. What would be its height in inches?

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STAAR Reading Test Practice Question-7th Grade 

Read the paragraph.
My friends and I organized a petition for a Black History class at our school. Most students signed, and when the principal saw the petition, he invited me to argue our cause in front of the school board. I was nervous about what they would ask me and asked my friend Laura, who had organized the petition with me, to help me practice. She played devil's advocate and I answered her flawlessly. Thanks to her, I was much less nervous when I stood in front of the board; I spoke confidently and did not forget a single detail.

What is the meaning of the phrase "play devil's advocate"?

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STAAR Math Test Practice Question-8th Grade 

Look at the scores of the final English exam:

What is David's score, if the mean is 75?

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STAAR Reading Test Practice Question-8th Grade 

Read the following passage from Mark Twain’s TOM SAWYER and answer accordingly:

After dinner all the gang turned out to hunt for turtle eggs on the bar. They went about poking sticks into the sand, and when they found a soft place they went down on their knees and dug with their hands. Sometimes they would take fifty or sixty eggs out of one hole. They were perfectly round white things a trifle smaller than an English walnut. They had a famous fried-egg feast that night, and another on Friday morning.

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STAAR Test Tips

  • Practice, practice, and more practice. The STAAR assesses both skill and knowledge, which are categorized as readiness and supportive standards. These standards are not only relevant for the student's current grade, but for his or her future college and career readiness. The surest way to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge is with practice. The best method is not to cram for the test, but to practice a few months in advance. Try our practice pack now and start preparing today.
  • Talk with your child's teachers. It is best to communicate freely and openly with your child's teachers, preferably early in the school year. Try to find out if your child is struggling with any of the topics he or she will later be tested on. This will help focus your child's practice routine. Keep monitoring your child's progress in school to note any struggles.
  • Create a studying schedule. Students should study a few hours each day to ensure they master the material on which they are being tested while also reviewing material taught at the beginning of the year. Acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills won't happen overnight, so students should practice regularly. After they finish going over the Readiness Standards and the Supportive Standards, it is time to go back and tackle the questions that posed a challenge.
  • Read. The best way to expand vocabulary and enhance a student's reading comprehension is by introducing him or her to books that are both interesting and challenging at the same time. Gather your child's reading material from a variety of sources, such as books, plays, poetry, and news articles. Highlight and learn the definitions of new words. Ask challenging questions about the plot, the characters, and the author's intention.
  • Write. One of the best ways to practice one's writing skills is by actually writing. Ask your child to write a composition once or twice a month or to even keep a diary. Encourage your child to use the new words he or she has learned. Later, review your child's work for any grammar mistakes.
  • Find applications for math in everyday life. Show your child that math doesn’t just exist in his or her textbook. Encourage him or her to use math on a daily basis, for instance by interpreting charts and diagrams found in the newspaper or on television. Also, it is important to help your child develop the habit of solving problems step by step and in a tidy manner to avoid any mistakes.
  • Turn weaknesses into strengths. Find the concepts, techniques, or material that challenge your child and tackle them head on. Mastering a difficult concept will increase your child's confidence as well as improve his or her grade in the class.
  • Don’t memorize; understand. Memorizing isn't useful when it comes to applying concepts to different problems. Comprehension of concepts will improve your child's learning process and problem-solving skills.
  • Find your preferred testing method. Some students prefer to read the questions first, some prefer to answer as they read, and some prefer to read and then answer the question. Find the testing technique that best fits your thinking style and practice it again and again until it is perfected.

On the STAAR Test Day

Here are four tips to help you prepare your child for the day of the STAAR Test:

  • Pack the night before. Bring pencils, a pencil sharpener, an eraser, and a calculator (if the test requires it). Pack everything you need the day before so you won't have to look for it on the day of the test.
  • Get a good night's rest before the test. Doing so will help to ensure your child remains alert and focused throughout the exam.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast to start the day. Eating a healthy breakfast will ensure your child has plenty of energy to tackle the four-hour exam.
  • Smile. Students have prepared and studied for the test, and now they are more than ready, so it is best to maintain a positive and relaxed attitude. Students should be familiar with the test's format and material by the time they take the test, so there is no need to apply extra pressure on the day of the test.

STAAR Test Practice - Online

The STAAR is an important test that can influence and shape your child's future academic development. Make sure your child is ready for the test by preparing with TestPrep-Online’s 3rd Grade STAAR Test Practice Pack. TestPrep-Online’s practice packs offer sample questions, detailed explanations and flexibility to help your child pinpoint and strengthen his or her academic abilities. Start preparing today!

Please note: we do not provide the real STAAR tests on this website. Our tests are simulations, written to closely match the test style and content of the actual test. We also provide full written solutions for our STAAR practice questions, whereas the official STAAR practice papers do not come with explanations. For official STAAR practice papers, visit the STAAR website.

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