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Guide To Using Our Free CogAT Sample Questions

Note: If your child gets 10/10 on our sample test, congratulations! they're on the right track. Continue practicing to keep that knowledge strong and intact.

Continue Practicing with TestPrep-Online

The CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test) is a test that measures a student's academic-related abilities. It is divided into three sections called batteries. The batteries of the test are: Verbal battery, Non-verbal battery, and Quantitative battery.

Each battery in its own has three different sub-tests. The verbal battery has as sub-tests: Picture/Verbal Analogies, Sentence Completion, and Picture/Verbal Classification. For the primary levels of the Cogat, the tests relies more on images than written instructions. This is due to the fact that at an early age, children are still learning how to read, so the test focuses more on an intuitive approach to a problem. The quantitative battery has as sub-tests: Number Analogies, Number Series, and Number Puzzles. Finally, the non-verbal battery has as sub-tests: Figure Matrices, Figure Classification, and Paper Folding.

There is also a new test called the CogAT Screening Form which consists of the first sub-test of each battery. TestPrep-Online offers practice packs for both the CogAT and CogAT Screening Form.

We have made our Cognitive Abilities Test sample questions free so that you can sample the real test and our practice material. Once you have tried our sample questions, prepare for the Cognitive Ability Test with TestPrep-Online's CogAT practice tests. Each pack includes full-length, realistic practice tests including detailed explanations, solving tips, and score reports.

Make sure to start practicing for the test with enough time. It is important to take your time to understand every question, every explanation, and review your performance at the end of each test.

Our practice packs include a parent manual with all the information that is relevant about the test, different study guides to serve as an extra way of learning about the different subjects of the CogAT, and many questions and simulations that mimic the conditions of the test. 

Our Online Services

Testprep-Online offers a unique, online experience. All of our test prep materials are available online, allowing you have the freedom to study with your child whenever and wherever you want. Our test packages offer a user-friendly interface, which enables you to navigate through a multitude of practice tests, video tutorials, study guides, and additional drills and example test questions with ease. Prepare your child from the comfort of your own home, without the added cost and hassle of an expensive class or tutor. Sign up for TestPrep-Online today.

In addition to this, our tests and practice packs can be retaken several times. This allows for a student to track their progress throughout the entire preparation for the test. If any areas of the curriculum need improvement, you can check out our comprehensive study guides for more information about the different batteries, the related questions, and more.

Learn more about the CogAT, its batteries, scoring methods, norms, and how to interpret the results by looking at our different informational pages of the CogAT. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time if you have questions, need guidance on how to use our practice pack. 

Remember that some questions may have more than one way to be solved. We suggest a reasoning that we believe is more intuitive and easy to learn, but others may be correct to, and you should feel comfortable with the way you solve the question. Moreover, simulating the test's condition when approaching a full-length simulation is important to get a feeling of how much time you have, and how much time you need to answer each question.

Tips for the Day of the Test

  • Start preparing in advance. The best way to study for a test is by doing so with a comfortable time frame. Instead of trying to learn as much as possible in just a few days, try instead two weeks to prepare by going over the material, reading the questions, learning from each explanation and then revisiting the tests.
  • Make sure you get a good night's sleep, that you are well rested and have eaten properly before the test.
  • Relax. The CogAT is a test like many others, and you have been preparing for some time. After you have seen the questions in our practice pack, you know that nothing will be unexpected in the test. You have already learned how to solve many similar questions.
  • Approach each question separately. Each question requires concentration but also, a different skill. Make sure that before you start another question in the exam, that you have finished the previous one and recorded your answer.
  • Read each question carefully, make sure not to miss any key words. Some questions may ask about the answer choice that does NOT fulfill a criteria and missing this can affect your score.

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