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What Is the CogAT Test Grade 1?

The CogAT is a gifted and talented test divided into three batteries. The three batteries of the CogAT are the Verbal Battery, Nonverbal Battery, and Quantitative Battery. Each of these batteries has three sub-tests.

That gives a total of nine sub-tests to take. For the 1st grade, the verbal battery focuses more on audio instructions and images. This is due to the fact that children are still developing the skills needed to understand written instructions during their first grade of school and so, the test becomes more intuitive this way and less overwhelming.

CogAT 1st Grade Prep Pack

It is important to fully understand the instructions of the test. For this purpose, our CogAT first grade practice pack contains many practice questions with simple explanations.

After your child reads the explanations, they will be more comfortable with the idea of the test, the questions, and the solutions. The most crucial element that determines success the day of the test is preparation. Going over the questions, trying to understand in what way the questions are similar, and above everything, avoid surprises.

How To Prepare For the CogAT Test Grade 1?

We recommend that your child starts preparing two weeks prior to the date of the test. This way, you can supervise a conscientious study process that is not too tiring, leaves ample room for proper preparation, and ensures your child can focus without being overwhelmed.

During the first week of studying, your child can focus on building the basics of the CogAT, looking at the questions, understanding the batteries, and begin developing strategies of their own. During the second week of studying, they can retake the tests, track their progress, and even compare their solutions to our proposed solution. There is more than one way to solve a question and we offer the explanation that seems most intuitive and organized. However, we encourage students to try and summarize that solution. This also develops the skill of understanding what data is crucial, and what is important but not absolutely necessary to complete a solution.

Another important factor for succeeding is being comfortable with the time constraints. This requires preparation. Being comfortable with the different types of questions can prepare your child and improve their performance. You can also used the timed mode function to see if your child can stand up to the time standards of the CogAT.

1st Grade CogAT Prep Practice Questions

[1] Laura's dad prepared a picnic basket for her and her sisters, with five food items. Mark the basket he prepared.

[2] The pictures in the boxes on the top belong together in a certain way. What picture belongs with the bottom picture in the same way that the pictures on top belong together?

[3] The pictures in the boxes on the top belong together in a certain way. Choose the picture that belongs with the bottom picture in the same way the pictures on top belong together.


[1] Choice 1 – In answer choice 1 we have a basket with four apples and one banana, which are 5 items, therefore, this is not the answer. In answer choice 2 we have a basket with one pie and one apple, which are 2 items, therefore, this is not the correct answer. In answer choice 3 we have a basket with 4 bananas, therefore, this is not the correct answer either.

[2] Choice 3 – Look at the top row. In the left frame we have a basket with four apples: one green, one yellow and two red. In the right frame we have the same four apples, divided into two baskets. In the bottom row we should have the same relationship. In the left frame we have tree with four birds, so in the right frame we should have the same 4 birds, sitting on two trees. Answer choice 1 is incorrect because it has only three birds sitting on only one tree. Answer choice 2 is incorrect because it has only three birds as well. Therefore, answer choice 3 which has four birds sitting on two trees is the correct answer.

[3] Choice 3 – Look at the top row. The outer shape on the right looks like the one on the left, only the smaller shape inside it has been moved outside. In the bottom row we should have the same pattern. In answer choice 1 the outer shape has turned on its side and the smaller shape remained inside it, so it is not the right answer. In answer choice 2 the smaller shape has not been moved outside completely, part of it is still inside, so it is not the right answer either. We are left with answer choice 3, which is the correct answer.

Free CogAT Practice Test 1st Grade PDF

View and download a free 1st Grade CogAT Sample Test. This is a printable test with all the question types that are found in the actual CogAT. This would be an excellent starting point for your child towards his upcoming CogAT 1st grade test.


Need Additional Practice?

TestPrep-Online offers:

  • Level specific, full-length practice tests
  • Hundreds of practice questions
  • Study guides for children
  • Parent manuals

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