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CogAT Verbal-Overview

The CogAT Verbal Battery is used to assess a student’s vocabulary, efficiency and verbal memory, ability to determine word relationships, and the ability to comprehend ideas. The CogAT Verbal test is comprised of three sub-tests. For lower levels, these sub-tests are: Sentence Completion, Picture Classification, and Picture Analogies. For higher levels, these three sub-tests are: Sentence Completion, Verbal Classification, and Verbal Analogies. These three sub-tests combined make up the CogAT Verbal score.

It is important to be familiar with the different sub-tests and batteries of the CogAT. This includes understanding the different questions, the proper logic that should be applied when approaching the questions, and the mistakes most frequently made when solving such questions.

You should also be familiar with the scoring method, norms, uses, and the overall content of the test to avoid being surprised.

Below you will find sample questions of the CogAT verbal battery. These questions reflect the expected level of difficulty for the test. You can also find more sample questions in our website, as well as an explanation about the non-verbal battery and the quantitative battery. 

How to Prepare For the CogAT Test?

Our practice packs often include study guides that summarize the different or most challenging topics of the tests explained in a succinct way. You also have a recommended way of approaching our practice packs. This could be either by starting with the full-length simulation, and then continuing to enrichment questions or challenging questions.

Just remember that this is our recommendation, but it is perfectly fine if your child is comfortable studying in a different way. All of our questions include thorough explanations so make sure your child goes over the explanations even if they got the question correctly. 

You can take our test as many times as you want to help you track your progress. You can also revisit the study guides to brush up on different topics. Ideally, you should start with two weeks in advance so that you have enough time to review all the questions and understand the test entirely.

Learn more about the different types of CogAT questions

Number of Items by Level & Section

Verbal Battery Level 5/6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10-18
Sentence Completion 14 16 18 20 20
Picture/Verbal Classification 14 16 18 20 20
Picture/Verbal Analogies 14 16 18 22 24

Sentence Completion

For Level 5/6 - Level 8, the teacher reads a sentence aloud, with a word missing, and then the students select a picture that best completes the sentence. In Levels 9 and up, a sentence with a missing word is provided to the students and the students must select the word that completes the sentence. Below, you can see an example of a Sentence Completion question from a Level 9 CogAT test:

Sample Sentence Completion Question

Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is A (damp, which means slightly wet).

Andrew put the shirt back in the clothes dryer because it was still damp.

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Picture/Verbal Classification

For Level 5/6 - Level 8, the student is provided with three pictures which are in some way alike. S/he then needs to select a picture from the answer choices the picture that is like the other three. In Levels 9 and up, the student is provided with three words that are in some way alike. S/he then needs to choose a word from the answer choices that is like the other three words. Below, you can see an example of a Picture Classification question from a Level 10 CogAT test:

Sample Picture/Verbal Classification Question

Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is B (green).

The first three words are all colors, therefore, the correct answer must also be a color.

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Picture/Verbal Analogies

For Level 5/6 - Level 8, three pictures are provided. The first two images go together and the third image goes with one of the answer choices (also pictures), which the student needs to determine. In Levels 9 and up, three words are provided. The first two words go together and the third word goes with one of the answer choices (also words), which the student needs to determine. Below, you can see an example of a Verbal Analogies question from a Level 8 CogAT test:

Sample Picture/Verbal anaglogies Question

Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is B.

Police officers use police cars as transportation vehicles, just as astronauts use spaceships as transportation vehicles.

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