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Ace the NWEA 5th Grade MAP Test!

Is your child getting ready for the 5th Grade MAP Test? Test Prep-Online now offers the 5th Grade MAP Practice Pack. Help your child prepare with NWEA replicated practice tests for MAP 5th Grade, detailed explanations for each section, and plenty of practice questions.

The pack includes:
  • 559 total questions, comprised of:
    • One full-length MAP practice test per topic (Math, Reading, and Language Usage) aligned with the Common Core Curriculum
    • Six additional level-specific quizzes per topic
    • 50 language usage enrichment questions
    • 90 math enrichment questions
  • Thorough explanations
  • Student PDF guide & Parent PDF guide
  • Immediate online access
  • Quick and friendly customer support
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  • Secured payment

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  • 5th grade, 10 month license


What to Expect in the NWEA 5th Grade MAP Test

NWEA's Measurement of Academic Progress (MAP) is a multiple-choice test that is designed to do exactly what its name implies: The test gives a reflection of how much a student has been improving throughout the academic year. Students, teachers, and parents can use these MAP test scores to determine the student's academic strengths and weaknesses.

The test includes questions in math, reading, language usage, and for some grades, science. MAP is designed to be adaptive, which means the level of difficulty is automatically determined by whether or not the previous question was answered correctly. When the student answers a question correctly, the next question lined up becomes harder. When the question is answered incorrectly, the next question becomes easier. By the end of the test, each student is expected to answer about 50 percent of the questions correctly.

MAP Assessments are taken by the student on a computer, in a classroom setting. The test is untimed, but usually takes about an hour to complete. Each student also receives scrap paper with which to write notes and make calculations.

MAP's purpose functions on a personalized level that is meant to be tailored to the student's own academic abilities, regardless of age or grade. Even though the student does not necessarily have to study for the MAP test, it is highly recommended to do so.

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Why Prepare for the NWEA 5th Grade MAP Test?

By preparing for the 5th grade MAP test, the student has the opportunity to provide a more accurate image of his or her academic capabilities. Many questions are based on topics that can easily be prepared for using the right studying methods. A high MAP score also gives your child an opportunity to apply for certain gifted programs, which use the MAP assessment as a form of aptitude testing.

TestPrep-Online now offers a MAP practice pack for 5th Grade. This package provides several methods of preparation for your fifth grader, including parent and student study-guides, plenty of practice tests, and hundreds of sample questions with detailed explanations for both the English and math sections.


5th Grade MAP Testing Scores

To calculate the scores of each MAP test, NWEA uses the Rasch-Unit scale (RIT). The RIT scale is a scale made of equal intervals. The scale can easily be compared to a ruler, since the difference between two adjacent RIT scores remains the same regardless of where they lie on the scale. Every RIT score is specifically designed to give students, parents, and teachers the opportunity to measure academic progress without taking into account either age or grade.

To find more information on 5th Grade MAP Testing scores, check out TestPrep-Online's NWEA MAP scores page.

Use of the Common Core in MAP

The Common Core is a set of learning outcomes designed for each grade that has become more and more popular across schools in the United States. The 5th Grade MAP Test has, therefore, been adjusted to align with its criteria.

Our newly released practice pack for the 5th grade MAP test is entirely based on the Common Core. Though our practice material is not adaptive, it will give you and your child the chance to see where his or her skill level lies in relation to other fifth graders.

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NWEA MAP Math for 5th Grade

The NWEA MAP math section covers four main academic topics, which are taught by the time the student reaches the fifth grade:

  • Geometry: using graphs to solve mathematical problems; reasoning through the use of geometric concepts; being able to both use and recognize three-dimensional figures.

  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking: communicating ideas through numerical expressions, deducing answers through implementing the four operations, spotting patterns

  • Measurement and Data: Using factors such as angle, length, and liquid volume to solve measurement problems; understanding the meaning of data, and being able to generate and represent it.

  • Numbers and Operations: Using decimals, fractions, and multi-digit whole numbers to perform mathematical operations and measurements.


NWEA MAP Reading Section for 5th Grade

The NWEA MAP reading section tests the student on both informal texts and literature:

  • Word Meaning and Vocabulary Knowledge: understanding the meaning of words through context, spotting connections between words, and recognizing the structures behind them

  • Informational texts: spotting purpose and argument, considering points such as subjectivity and perspective

  • Literature: recognizing key themes and structures of literary texts; analyzing literary texts


NWEA MAP Language Usage for 5th Grade

The NWEA MAP language usage section will test the student on three main topics:

  • Grammar and Usage: understanding how to correctly use grammar conventions

  • Writing: researching, developing, writing, and revising

  • Understand and Edit Mechanics: understanding and how to use capitalization and punctuation, demonstrating the correct use of spelling

MAP Test Practice for 5th Grade

The best method of preparation for any standardized test is practice. TestPrep-Online's 5th Grade MAP Practice Pack comes with hundreds of questions aimed at specific sections of the test, in addition to plenty of practice tests with which to improve. The practice pack also includes detailed explanations for each answer, and study guides.


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