Very helpful! I used the MAP 4th grade practice pack and the practice questions were very close to what the actual test was like. I passed with flying colours.
Derek (aged 10)
These practice tests were good for my daughter to get her ready for her MAP testing. It provided some guidance for her to know what to expect.
I am really happy with my MAP preparation purchase. My boys scored in the 99 percentile for 2nd and 5th grade!
Very kind and thoughtful about customer.
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Guide To Using Our Free MAP Diagnostic Test
Note: If your child gets 7-8 on our MAP sample test, congratulations! they're on the right track. Continue practicing to keep that knowledge strong and intact.

Free MAP Test Questions for 5th Grade- Overview

Starting your studying process with our free 5th Grade MAP questions is a great way for you to gauge your child’s academic weaknesses and strengths. Our test is made of ten questions and is designed to give you a quick preview of each section of the test, including math, reading, and language usage.

Free 5th Grade MAP Sample Question

5th Grade MAP Math Question

Daniel and Isla are each writing a novel. Daniel has written 40 pages in the last five days and Isla has written 120 pages in the last 24 days. What is the difference between their unit rates per day?

(A) 3 pages per day
(B) 5 pages per day
(C) 8 pages per day
(D) 13 pages per day
(E) 80 pages per day

Answer and Explanation
The correct answer is (A).

A unit rate, means the number of pages written in just one day, as unit means one. Daniel writes 40 pages in five days. To calculate his unit rate per day, you must divide his total pages by the number of days:
40 ÷ 5 = 8 pages per day.

Do the same for Isla:
120 ÷ 24 = 5 pages per day.
To divide by 24, you can split it up and instead divide by 12 and then divide by two. This is because 24 is 12 x 2.
Therefore, 120 ÷ 12 = 10
10 ÷ 2 = 5.

The difference means subtract the unit rates, therefore:
8 - 5 = 3.

The correct answer must be (A).

If you answered (B) or (C), then you just calculated one of the unit rates, instead of finding the difference.
If you answered (D) then you found the sum of the unit rates, instead of the difference.
If you answered (E) then you found the difference of the rates given (120 and 80), which were not unit rates.

When & How is the NWEA 5th Grade MAP Test Used?

Often, the 5th Grade MAP Test is used more than once a semester. Many schools administer the test, or sections of the test, at the very beginning of the school year to better understand each student’s abilities, and where the teacher’s focus should lie.

The use of the NWEA 5th Grade MAP Test is twofold: It is used both to measure a student’s own personal academic progress, as well as to see how he or she compares to other 5th graders in terms of academic abilities. The latter use has also made it easier for several schools to better spot gifted and talented students. Preparing for the MAP Test as best as possible, therefore, can have several benefits for your child’s academic future.

Five 5th Grade MAP Prepping Tips

  • Use our free 5th Grade MAP Sample Test as an initial guideline. Taking a quick test that covers all the sections of the exam is a great way to figure out what needs most attention during the studying process. Were the math questions specifically challenging? Make them first on your priority list.
  • Properly prep for each session. Before each study session, make sure your child’s desk is neat and free of clutter. Remove distractions, and – if possible have a window available for fresh air and daylight.
  • Don’t study after dinner. Keep the studying sessions limited to earlier in the day. After dinner, the mind is said to be less focused. Instead, dedicate this time for proper rest and preparation for the next day. As your child’s main support, your role is to keep track of his or her progress and mark what has been worked on and what still needs to be covered.
  • Load your child up on nutrients. When it comes to studying, the old saying “you are what you eat” has never been more valuable. Stay away from sugary snacks with little substance, as this will only tire your child out more quickly. Instead, choose to have fruits and nuts readily available.
  • Use 5th Grade MAP practice tests.Make sure your child is familiar with the testing content and format of the exam by test day. The best way to do this, of course, is with the 5th Grade MAP Practice tests.

Prepare for the 5th Grade MAP Test with TestPrep-Online!

TestPrep-Online offers a variety of practice material to help students of all grades and ages prepare for their tests and reach the best of their potential. Our collection of MAP Practice Packs can help. The 5th Grade Practice Pack offers over 800 questions, including section-specific practice tests, detailed Q&A explanations, and math enrichment questions.

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