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About the 6th Grade STAAR Test

The STAAR Test for sixth grade is designed to assess Reading Standards and Supporting Standards. It is divided into one math and one reading section. Each section has its own designated test day.

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For each test students have a time limit of four hours. Once a test is completed, a student’s score can fall into one of three performance standards:

  • Level I (Unsatisfactory Academic Performance)
  • Level II (Satisfactory Academic Performance)
  • Level III (Advanced Academic Performance) 

Read more about the STAAR Performance Standards here.

6th Grade Math STAAR Test Practice

The Sixth Grade STAAR Math Test consists of 52 questions: 48 multiple choice questions, and four open-ended questions. The questions focus on mathematical concepts taught to the students throughout the school year. Examples include numbers and operations, plotting data, and interpreting graphs.

To help your sixth grader feel comfortable with standardized tests, try our 6th Grade CogAT Practice Pack, which offers hundreds of questions to work with. Need something more math specific? You can also try our generic math pack, designed to accommodate any level.

6th Grade Reading STAAR Test Practice

The 6th Grade STAAR Reading Test contains 48 questions with 6 passages of about 500-850 words. The passages are varied and fall into both fiction and nonfiction genres. The test is designed to evaluate a student’s grasp of vocabulary, and literary elements, such as theme, purpose and argument.

Understanding the testing material and becoming accustomed to its format is important when studying for any test. To improve performance in time for the exam, practicing with various reading materials is important. One strategy that helps a lot of students is to skim through the passage at first, in order to know what each paragraph discusses vaguely (not in detail). Then, go back to each passage according to the questions. Often, some passages have the purpose of finishing a story or an idea, but are not referenced in the questions.

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6th Grade STAAR Practice Tips

STAARting your prepping process? Here are some tips to help point you in the right direction:

  • Schedule your studying times. We have all had tasks we have avoided, the best thing you can do to prioritize. If there are topics that are easier for you, then focus more on the explanations of the questions in topics you find more challenging. Set a specific time each day, and tell yourself that, no matter what, at this hour you will study. We recommend some time in the morning, when your brain is fresh, and there are less distractions.
  • Take breaks. Short breaks, when appropriately scheduled, can be great for a quick brain recharge. Use them wisely and your prepping will improve both in quality and quantity. Breaks can include anything you enjoy, like taking a walk, eating a fruit, or listening to a song you love. Avoid using social media during your breaks, as this can be a little too distracting.
  • Keep both body and mind fueled. No matter how many features you have on your phone, you can’t use any of them if you haven’t properly charged it. Your brain is no different. Eating, sleeping, and exercising properly are all vital in ensuring a healthy mind. Always keep your brain ready for battle and the results from studying will come quicker, and more effectively.
  • Practice with practice tests. Studying is a lot like learning how to swim. You can learn all you want about technique or stroke, but none of it will mean much until you get into the actual water. Learning the information is important, but so is getting used to the testing format. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the content of the questions, as well as their phrasing.

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When preparing for the 6th Grade STAAR Test, it is highly recommended to have a plan of action. Well, plans of action don’t grow on trees. However, they can be sold in convenient online packets that allow the student to prepare anytime, anywhere. All of TestPrep-Online’s preparation packs are tailored specifically for question familiarization, test preparation, and score optimization.

Getting accustomed to testing formats is important when preparing for any standardized tests. TestPrep-Online offers CogAT Level 12 Practice Tests, which are grade specific and designed to suit the typical 6th Grader's abilities.

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