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What CogAT Level is Administered to 4th Graders?

The CogAT Form 7 is administered according to age, thus Level 10 is designed to test ten-year-old students, who are usually in the 4th grade.

What Is Assessed on the CogAT 4th Grade?

The CogAT 4th grade assesses three abilities in their respective batteries: verbal, nonverbal, and quantitative.

It is expected that by the age of ten, students have mastered several of the academic skills taught in previous years, and are therefore capable of understanding more complex questions. As a result, the CogAT Level 10 has a more difficult format than that of the lower levels (5/6–9). Students taking the CogAT Level 10 encounter more verbal items in the place of pictures and images that would have been encountered in lower levels. It is important for 4th grade students to be well-prepared to be able to resolve challenging verbal questions found on the Level 10 CogAT test.

The CogAT test is frequently used to measure the academic strengths of students of lower English language proficiency. This is because a substantial part of the test does not rely on verbal questions, thus reducing the need for students to have a high proficiency in the English language.

What Is Tested on the CogAT Screening Form?

The CogAT Screening Form is a shortened version of the CogAT Form 7, containing only the analogies section of each battery, including picture/verbal analogies, number analogies, and figure matrices. The test itself takes 30 minutes to complete. The CogAT Screening Form is used by gifted and talented program organisations to test students for gifted and talented skills.

The CogAT Screening Form has three tests. Each test measures a different skill and it is important to practice these skills in order to succeed the day of the test. The main topic of the test is identifying analogies.

For example, in the first section of the CogAT Screening Form, you are presented with two words related by an analogy. The goal is to identify this analogy, and apply it to a third word displayed. This is especially difficult because to words can be connected in many ways. Of course, not every connection will lead to a word that is between the answer choices. Practicing with our full-length simulation will develop the skill that makes you conclude which relationship is the correct. Once you have seen many questions like these, you will learn the sort of transformations that are most common and the tricks that will make you solve these questions rapidly and accurately.

The number analogy section is quite similar to the former section. In this section, questions feature two numbers that connect by a series of operations (usually basic operations) and you need to identify this series of operations and reapply it to another number. For example, between the numbers 7 and 14 can be many relationships, it could either be multiplied by two, added seven (in this case it is the same as multiplying by two but with another number it is not). It could also be the result of multiplying by three and then subtracting seven.

After solving many questions like these, you will develop the necessary skills to pinpoint the proper series of calculations, and apply it accurately to discard other answer choices and find the correct one. 

Finally, the figure matrices test is similar also to the previous test in the sense that you need to understand a series of relationships. However, in this case there are many relationships affecting one of the images. You need to be able to identify them, sort them, and then reapply each of them to another image.

With a bit of practice and after going through our vast arrange of questions you will be ready to ace the test. The key factor in succeeding is eliminating the element of surprise. Once you have seen how the test is like, and after you have solved hundreds of similar questions, you will feel comfortable and confident to answer each and every question.

What Is in the CogAT Screening Form for 4th Grade?

Our practice pack offers 204 questions for the CogAT 4th grade Screening Form test.

  • Two full-length simulations – tests are divided according to subject, so 1 full-length simulation is 3 tests.
  • Four additional tests – we include two challenging tests with very hard questions and two normal level tests with medium difficulty questions.

Start preparing for the CogAT Screening Form 4th grade test now!

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