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What CogAT Level is Administered to 3rd Graders?

The CogAT Form 7 is administered according to age. Level 9 is geared towards nine-year-old students, usually, children in the 3rd grade.

What Is Assessed on the CogAT 3rd Grade?

The CogAT 3rd grade assesses verbalnon-verbal, and quantitative abilities. The CogAT test is an especially popular test for measuring relative academic strengths and weaknesses and is useful for students who speak English as a second language, as much of the test is nonverbal. 

The CogAT format changes from the lower levels (5/6–8) to Level 9, as students have often become proficient in many of the academic skills learned in previous years. While the lower levels use pictures and images for the Verbal Battery, students taking the Level 9 CogAT and higher levels will face written verbal items. It is important for 3rd grade children to be ready and able to answer difficult verbal questions on the Level 9 CogAT.

What Is Tested on the CogAT Screening Form?

The CogAT Screening Form is a shortened version of the CogAT Form 7. It contains only the first sub-test of each of the batteries of the CogAT. That is, picture/verbal analogies, number analogies, and figure matrices.

The CogAT Screening Form is used by gifted and talented program organisations to test students for gifted and talented skills. The test itself takes 30 minutes to complete.

The first section of the CogAT Screening Form, namely the verbal analogies, is a section with a very particular type of question. For each question, you are presented with a pair of words connected by an analogy (a relationship to these words). Next to this pair, you have another word, and you need to find where in the answer choices lies the word that shares the same connection as the original pair. The order in which the words appear is crucial to find the relation. For example, for the pair socks : wool the relationship could be: "some socks are made of wool". So, if you have a third word, like "pasta", you could try finding an answer choices that fits the sentence "some pasta is made of ____".

The second section of the CogAT Screening Form is the non-verbal analogies, namely figure matrices. You are presented with two rows of images, two images in the first row and a third image in the second row. The first two images share a connection. Either an element of the first image moved, or changed background, or both. In essence, there is a transformation that leads from the first image to the second. The objective is to find the relationship and apply to the third image. The result of applying this transformation to the third image should be one of the answer choices. If it is not, then the relationship found is not the correct one. These types of questions are critical to practice because the relationships are not always obvious and developing this skill may take time.

The final section of the CogAT Screening Form is the number analogies, namely, number series. In these questions, you are presented with pairs of numbers, and similarly to the previous section, they share a relationship. For example: 1 -> 3, 4 -> 12. To get from the left number to the right number you multiply by three. Finally, there is a number missing from one of the pairs. The objective is to apply that relationship to the last number to find the answer.

Many of these questions require a lot of practice to master. By using our practice pack, you can practice hundreds of questions and read the detailed explanations to obtain tricks to find the answer and also rule out possible answer choices. After you are done solving the full-length simulations, you can try the challenging questions section. This section has questions in a higher difficulty level. The topics remain the same, but the relationship is often harder to find and apply.

In order to succeed in the CogAT Screening Form, you will need a good and extensive vocabulary, deep analytical skills, and developed spatial skills to apply the different relationships and transformations.

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What Is in the CogAT Screening Form for 3rd Grade?

Our practice pack offers 204 questions for the CogAT 3rd grade Screening Form test.

  • Two full-length simulations – tests are divided according to subject, so 1 full-length simulation is 3 tests.
  • Four additional tests – we include two challenging tests with very hard questions and two normal level tests with medium difficulty questions.

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