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CogAT Screening Form 3rd Grade Practice

Is your child due to take the CogAT Screening Form for 3rd grade? Prepare with our practice pack – over 200 questions designed to simulate the actual test!

The pack includes:
  • 2 Full-Length Screening Form Simulations (144 total questions)
  • 4 Additional tests (60 total questions)
  • Thorough explanations
  • Score reports to track your child's progress
  • Immediate online access
  • Quick and friendly customer support
  • Secured payment
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  • 3rd grade, 10 month license

CogAT Level 9 Premium
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What CogAT Level is Administered to 3rd Graders?

The CogAT Form 7 is administered according to age, thus Level 9 is geared towards nine-year-old students, who are usually in the 3rd grade.

What Is Assessed on the CogAT 3rd Grade?

The CogAT 3rd grade assesses verbal, nonverbal, and quantitative abilities. The CogAT test is an especially popular test for measuring relative academic strengths and weaknesses and is useful for students who speak English as a second language, as much of the test is nonverbal.

The CogAT format changes from the lower levels (5/6–8) to Level 9, as students have often become proficient in many of the academic skills learned in previous years. While the lower levels use pictures and images for the Verbal Battery, students taking the Level 9 CogAT and higher levels will face written verbal items. It is important for 3rd grade children to be ready and able to answer difficult verbal questions on the Level 9 CogAT.

What Is Tested on the CogAT Screening Form?

The CogAT Screening Form is a shortened version of the CogAT Form 7, containing only the analogies section of each battery, including picture/verbal analogies, number analogies, and figure matrices.

The CogAT Screening Form is used by gifted and talented program organisations to test students for gifted and talented skills. The test itself takes 30 minutes to complete.

What Is in the CogAT Screening Form for 3rd Grade?

Our practice pack offers 204 questions for the CogAT 3rd grade Screening Form test.
  • Two full-length simulations – tests are divided according to subject, so 1 full-length simulation is 3 tests.
  • Four additional tests – we include two challenging tests with very hard questions and two normal level tests with medium difficulty questions.

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