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Sample Test Preview

Verbal Battery

The following sample question belongs to the sentence completion sub-test. In these questions, you are requested to select the answer choice that best fits the sentence. 

Choose the word that best completes the sentence.

cogat sample question tip TestPrep-Online Developer's Tip: 

When solving Sentence Completion questions, one essential tip is to try and identify the type of sentence presented, as it can help you figure out what the missing word should be. Typical sentence types can be Cause and effect, Compare and Contrast, or Definition

Answer & Explanation:

The correct answer is damp, which means slightly wet.

Andrew put the shirt back in the clothes dryer because it was still damp.

Quantitative Battery​

The following question belongs to the Number Series sub-test. In these questions, you are presented with a relationship between two pairs of numbers. In addition, you are given the first number of the third pair, and the second number of that pair is unknown. You need to find the number in the answer choices that represent the same relationship displayed.

Every pair of numbers in this row follows the same rule. What rule do the first two pairs follow? Choose the answer that will make the third pair follow the same rule as the first two pairs.

cogat sample question tip TestPrep-Online Developer's Tip: 

When solving Number Analogies questions, you should think of a rule that brings you from the left number to the right one and then use it to find the missing number for the third pair.

If a straightforward rule does not work, try to think of a more complicated connection that involves more than one step. For example, such a relationship can include the addition of a number and then multiplication by another number

Answer & Explanation:

The correct answer is 22.

Look for the pattern in the first series of numbers. The difference between 2 and 4 is +2. The difference between 17 and 19 is also +2.

The next series of numbers should follow the same pattern, meaning that the difference between 20 and ‘?’ should be +2 as well: 20 + 2 = 22, meaning that the correct answer will be 22.

Non-Verbal Battery

The following question belongs to the Figure Matrices sub-test. Much like the Number Series sub-test, you are presented with images that share a special relationship. In this case, the first row of images (the two squares) represents a transition from left to right. You are required to deduce this relationship and apply it to the image of the second row (the left image) to find the missing fourth image.

Look at the grid on the left. The pictures in the boxes on the top belong together in a certain way. Choose the picture that belongs with the bottom picture the same way as the pictures on top belong together.

cogat sample question tip TestPrep-Online Developer's Tip: 

When solving Figure Matrices questions, you should come up with a rule that brings you from the left figure in the top row to the right one, and then apply this rule in the bottom row to discover the missing figure.

If more than one answer choice fits the rule, look for a more accurate rule. Remember that sometimes there can be more than one rule.

Answer & Explanation:

The correct answer is 2.

In the above analogy, the figure on the right is the inverse of the figure on the left. The colors/shading of the outer shape switch with the color/shading of the inner shape. Thus, the answer must be a white triangle with a black arrow inside.

Preparing for the Test

The practice pack for CogAT 9 contains questions written using the same format as in the CogAT. When preparing for a test, it is crucial to have as much available information about the test as possible. 

The CogAT test is divided into different sections known as batteries: Verbal battery, Non-verbal battery, and Quantitative battery. These batteries feature the following subtopics: Picture/Verbal Analogies, Sentence Completion, Picture/Verbal Classification, Number Analogies, Number Series, Number Puzzles, Figure Matrices, Figure Classification, and Paper Folding.

Each of these subtopics helps develop a different skill. It is essential to see all the different types of questions, their solutions, and the explanations to avoid surprises on the day of the test.

In addition to the CogAT, a new test has been released known as the CogAT Screening Form. The CogAT Screening Form consists of the first section in each of the batteries of the original CogAT test: Picture/Verbal Analogies (depending on the grade), Number Analogies, and Figure Matrices. Make sure to check whether your child will be taking the CogAT or the CogAT Screening Form and the appropriate test level.

TestPrep-Online offers preparation packs for both the CogAT and the CogAT Screening Form. Our practice packs feature many questions corresponding to all the different batteries and subtopics of the CogAT and the CogAT Screening Form.

We recommend that you start preparing two weeks in advance. You can begin by solving a full-length simulation and reading the study guides.

Each question in our pack has a complete explanation for the answer. Using the explanations, you can double-check your logic or even learn more about the many solving strategies. If you have a challenging questions section, you may approach it after finishing the full-length simulation. In addition to this, you can learn a lot about the different questions using our comprehensive study guides for the various batteries of the test. 

There are two norms used by the CogAT when scoring results. One of the norms, the age norm, compares the performance with other children of the same age. The CogAT also returns a raw score, which is later transformed into what is commonly referred to as the Standard Age Score (also known as SAS).  

You can also check our website for more explanations about the norms, scoring method, contents, and answer any question you may have about the CogAT or the CogAT Screening Form. If something is unclear, you can always contact us with questions about the test, our platform, or anything you need help understanding. 

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