The OLSAT/NNAT Bundle was perfect: it familiarized my son with the content, and the time constraint and the results proved it – 99th percentile!
My daughter used an OLSAT practice pack. I liked the online interactive format. It really helped my child prepare for the test, and I would totally recommend it to other parents.
We used the NNAT practice pack. The NNAT examples helped him what to expect on the test...and he got into the gifted program!
Very helpful! I used the MAP 4th grade practice pack and the practice questions were very close to what the actual test was like. I passed with flying colours.
Derek (aged 10)
We got the CogAT practice tests for our daughter. She nailed the test and I would totally recommend TestPrep-Online to other parents.

Prepare for School Testing in 2024

TestPrep-Online offers hundreds of practice tests for school exams. We are constantly developing new practice tests and updating our preparation materials for school tests across America. Parents and teachers frequently contact us requesting testing materials for specific grades and topics. If you have a question about a test or need practice materials, you can contact us using our pop-up search.

One of our most popular practice packs covers questions for NWEA MAP tests. The MAP test is a computer adaptive assessment produced by the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA). The assess students from kindergarten through to 12th grade on math, language usage, reading, and - for some grades - general sciences. The MAP is used both for general student assessment and as a tool to identify and place students in gifted programs.

The MAP is usually divided into Reading Comprehension, Mathematics, and from certain grades and beyond Science. For the second grade, the child has two options, to take the MAP Growth k-2 which corresponds to children that are still learning how to read, featuring more instructions in the form of images and audio files, or the MAP 2-5 for children who have control over their reading skills and can understand written instructions without too much effort.

Prepare for Gifted and Talented Testing in 2024

Gifted and talented testing, sometimes called G&T or GATE testing, are tests that identify exceptionally academically gifted children for placement on specialist gifted programs. Popular gifted and talented tests include the NYC G&T test, the CogAT, ITBS (Iowa Assessments), the SCAT, and the NNAT

The CogAT, for example, is a test that has developed a new form called the CogAT Screening Form. This new test is comprised of the first test of each of the three batteries (verbal, non-verbal, and quantitative). Make sure to check with your school or program if taking this test is also an option.

A completely different test is the NNAT. The NNAT is a non-verbal, psychological test that uses shapes in different formats (pattern completion, analogies, etc.) and it makes for a very intuitive test. Because there are no instructions, the children are faced with a problem involving shapes and need to find a solution. For example, there could be a sequence of changes occurring to a shape, and a sentence could ask to recreate this sequence of changes to a new shape.

As you can see, all these test differ in many ways, from format, to time constraints, curriculum, number of questions, etc. It is important to know precisely which test your child is going to take and prepare in advance with a well-considered plan. Each practice pack contains within information about the specifics of the test, strategies that are best to employ when studying, how to approach the pack, and in some cases study guides and extra challenge questions.

Prepare for School Admissions Testing in 2024

As well as standardized school assessments and gifted and talented testing, some schools require applicants to pass entrance exams. We offer practice tests for the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE), as well as the Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT).

If your child is preparing for a school entrance exam and requires practice tests and preparation materials, we can help. Contact us here with details of the test, including the grade, any information on the topics, and question types. We will endeavor to provide you with the best practice materials for the test.

Start by organizing all the information and summarizing what your child has learnt throughout their formative years. After that, you can either approach one of our study guides or sample questions for an initial assessment. Once you know the areas that need strengthening, you can go over the simulations and extra practice paying special attention to these areas.

Retake any of the tests as many times as you want and track your child's progress throughout the study period. A day before the test, you can try again the questions that were most challenging to them just to cover every subject of the test. Going through the specially tailored simulations will generate a feeling of familiarity with the test, boosting the confidence, avoiding confusion, and eventually guaranteeing success in the test.

Search for Your State and School!

Use the search bar at the top of the page to search for your school and state. Our school pages include information on the testing at the school, including end of year tests and gifted and talented programs admissions testing. Some schools require an end-of-year examination, for example in Texas the STAAR, and it is important to be updated about the requirements for each school either in the beginning, middle, or end of each school year.

Sign up with time to any of the tests and programs and start preparing with one of our practice packs in order to succeed the day of the test.

Get Prepped for Testing with TestPrep-Online

Prepare for any upcoming test with preparation materials from TestPrep-Online. Find your test by filling in the pop-up search form on the bottom-left side of the screen now! Got a particular question? Contact us here!

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