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Knowing how to tell if your child is gifted can be a very difficult task, as every child thinks and behaves differently. The definition of the word “gifted” can also be very vague, making the task of labeling a child as gifted very difficult. However, there are some signs that gifted children exhibit which can help you assess whether or not you have a gifted child. 

Learning to recognize the characteristics of gifted children is often dependent on noticing whether s/he exhibits specific signs of gifted children. Typically, gifted children will show exceptional talent at a very young age—be it verbally, artistically, musically, or in other areas. For instance, a gifted four-year-old may exhibit the vocabulary of a 4th grader, or a seven-year-old may be able to sit down at the piano and perform without any musical training. Clearly, giftedness can manifest itself in many different ways in children. Below is a list of some characteristics of gifted children.

Signs of Gifted Children

  • Heightened attentiveness, focus, and attention span
  • Extreme curiosity and enjoyment in learning new things
  • Outstanding memory
  • Excellent ability to reason and find relationships between ideas
  • Ability to convey original, coherent, and complex thoughts
  • Exceptional problem-solving ability
  • Ability to learn quickly and with less practice
  • Active, unusual imagination; heightened creativity
  • Expansive vocabulary
  • Learning to read at an early age; passionate interest in books
  • Interest in social issues
  • High energy levels
  • A perfectionist attitude; self-motivated
  • Relating well to adults

Achievement Tests

Are you still curious about how to tell if your child is gifted? If your child displays some of the common signs of gifted children listed above, have your child tested at his/her school or with a psychologist. Two of the most prominent assessments used to identify gifted children are the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT) and the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT). TestPrep-Online provides the best resources available to help your child succeed on these tests, including a variety of sample questions, explanations, and practice tests.

NNAT and OLSAT Preparation

The more familiar your child is with the NNAT and OLSAT, the better s/he will do on the exam. Start your NNAT or OLSAT test prep now: 

Analyzing Your Child’s Score

If you have trouble interpreting your child's scores upon receiving them, check out TestPrep-Online's NNAT score and OLSAT score pages to gain a better understanding of what your child's score means.


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