My son was preparing for CogAT Level 9. With practice, my son got used to the question styles and the practice built his confidence with the exam. Once kids know they can do well, there is no limit – they will always do their best. I have recommended TestPrep-Online to all my friends.
We used the CogAT practice pack. The questions in this study pack were very similar in style to what appeared on the actual test. I would definitely recommend this product to other parents.
My daughter used the NNAT practice tests. Her results after 4 weeks: 133; "very superior". The highest score ranking percentile she could get was a 99, she got a 98. We could not ask for more!
My kids were happy with this product and I would not change anything about it. The site is user-friendly and we had an overall great experience.
We used the OLSAT Level D tests. The content and layout are excellent and the site is so easy to use. Our son's results were excellent and we would definitely recommend this site to other parents.
The OLSAT for Level C practice pack was very helpful. My child was encouraged to do these sample tests.
We got the OLSAT/NNAT Bundle. We really like that we can watch the video academy multiple times. The site is easy and comfortable to use and I would recommend it to other parents of gifted children.
The test at school (NNAT) was easier than the questions on the website. I knew my answers were correct for all the questions except for two of them that I found somewhat confusing. I had a lot of fun doing the test!

You know your child is smart. But is s/he gifted or bright? While the distinction may seem trivial, there are clear differences between gifted children and bright children. Distinguishing between a gifted child and bright child is important, as they have different academic needs.

While a bright child may work hard and do well in school, a gifted child may struggle to focus, but still be able to achieve high levels of success. Gifted children may become bored with regular classroom material but often thrive in gifted programs. It is often the bright child, not the gifted one, who teachers generally favor, since teachers often struggle to understand and connect with a gifted child.

These are only some of the differences between gifted and bright children. You can also see Janice Szabos’ table below to help you discern if your child is gifted or bright. 

Gifted vs. Bright: A Detailed Comparison

A Bright Child A Gifted Learner
Knows the answers Asks the questions
Is interested Is highly curious
Is attentive Is mentally and physically involved
Has good ideas Has wild, silly ideas
Works hard Plays around, yet tests well
Answers the question Discusses in detail, elaborates
Top group Beyond the group
Listens with interest Shows strong feeling and opinions
Learns with ease Already knows
Six to eight repetitions for mastery One to two repetitions for mastery
Understands ideas Constructs abstractions
Enjoys peers Prefers adults
Grasps the meaning Draws inferences
Completes assignments Initiates projects
Is receptive Is intense
Copies accurately Creates a new design
Enjoys school Enjoys learning
Absorbs information Manipulates information
Technician Inventor
Good memorizer Good guesser
Enjoys straightforward sequential
Thrives on complexity
Is alert Is keenly observant
Is pleased with own learning Is highly self-critical

-Janice Szabos, Challenge Magazine, 1989, Issue 34

Tests for Gifted Children

Do you still want to know if your child is gifted or bright? You can have your child tested to find out. Tests such as the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT) and Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT) are available to give you a better idea as to whether or not your child is gifted. At TestPrep-Online, we provide children with a wide variety of study materials, including several practice tests with detailed explanations for each question.

In addition, we have comprehensive study guides for some of the more challenging topics of each test to ensure that your child does not have to approach a question alone and has information to rely on. For some tests, there are also video academies to get some of our tips and explanations in a friendlier format.

Preparation with TestPrep-Online

Start helping your child prepare for his or gifted and talented test. TestPrep-Online will to ensure your child is well prepared for gifted testing.

We offer preparation packs for many tests used to determine the acceptance to gifted programs such as the CogAT, OLSAT, NNAT, CogAT Screening Form, SCAT, and many more. 

Our practice tests and preparation packs include not only questions based on the format of each particular test, but also comprehensive study guides, parent guides, and explanations to learn new strategies and excel in the test. This way, your child can approach the test after having seen an extensive array of questions to practice and avoid any surprise or unexpected issue. The different tests may vary in topics, duration, restrictions (such as the use of calculators), scoring method, and more, but you can rest assured that we provide all the information available in each of our practice packs.

Using our preparation packs, you can help your child prepare for the test, and even practice for higher levels. Some of our packs contain a section with questions based on the format of the test, but written in a more challenging way to help exceed the bar and reach the highest percentile. In addition, our tests are designed to create the same experience as the real test, that includes being accustomed to the time frame (when relevant), the level of the questions, and the scoring method. 

You can retake any of the practice tests and see your child's improvement throughout their preparation process. In addition to the detailed explanations, you have a section that features tips for relevant topics or questions of the exam. 

Make sure to check the differences between all the gifted programs, their criteria for acceptance, and where you can take the test (as well as instructions for the registration).

If you have any questions, you may contact us at any moment and we will be happy to help you and your child succeed. 

The CogAT, OLSAT, NNAT, New York City Gifted and Talented Test, SCAT, and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with TestPrep-Online or this website.

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