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Learn all about TestPrep-Online's Video Academy. These engaging video tutorials will help prepare your child for gifted tests by simplifying difficult questions with clear visuals and explanations. Get a peek at the Academy with some of our videos below.  


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OLSAT Lesson #1: Introduction

OLSAT Lesson #7: Picture Series

NNAT Lesson #1: Introduction

NNAT Lesson #3: Reasoning by Analogy

About the Video Academy

Studying for gifted tests can be very challenging, especially for young children. Certain questions can be confusing, and may be hard to understand without additional visual aids. Additionally, when dealing with young children, keeping them focused for long periods of time may be a very difficult task.

Fore these reasons, we have developed the Video Academy, a series of interactive video tutorials designed to keep your children engaged and interested while helping them understand some of the more difficult concepts which appear on various gifted tests. The Video Academy helps to simplify many of these difficult questions by explaining each question type by breaking down a sample question step-by-step. TestPrep-Online currently offers Video Academies for both the OLSAT and NNAT.

In total, the Video Academy consists of 16 tutorials with 54 minutes of video. To continue with the OLSAT Video Academy, check out our OLSAT Premium Packs for Levels A-C. To continue with the NNAT Video Academy, purchase any NNAT Premium Pack.

Our NYC Gifted and Talented Premium Packs and OLSAT/NNAT Bundle Premium Packs (A-C) include both OLSAT and NNAT Video Academies.

"We liked the practice drills and the fact that there was so much prep material! The videos were very helpful and I would recommend this product to other parents."

-Natalia, MO (NNAT B Premium) - January 2015

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"We really like that we can watch the video academy multiple times. The site is easy and comfortable to use and I would recommend it to other parents of gifted children."  
Anonymous, NY (OLSAT/NNAT Bundle B Premium) 
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