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Students in grades 3–8 are required to take the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) Math test. TestPrep-Online is here to help your child prepare for the STAAR Math test and master the mathematical concepts, skills, and techniques necessary to pass it. We have resources, practice tips, and all the information you need to excel on the STAAR.
STAAR Practice Test

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What Is the STAAR Math Test

Students in grades 3–8 take at least two STAAR assessments, one of which is Math. The STAAR Math test contains Readiness Standards and Supporting Standards unique to each grade level. These standards ensure that students are assessed only on material that serves an important role in preparing them for the next grade's material, college, and their future careers.

The STAAR Math test presents students with problems arising in everyday life and asks them to develop a problem-solving model that incorporates analyzing given information, formulating a method to acquire a solution, justifying the solution, and evaluating it. Students should be able to select tools and mathematical techniques to solve problems and communicate mathematical ideas. Students are encouraged to demonstrate their reasoning, analyze mathematical relationships, and comprehend deep mathematical understanding. 

STAAR Math Topics

While the mathematical concepts and skills change each grade and require different levels of understanding, some topics are taught, in one form or another, in all or almost all grades:
  • Fractions
  • Plotting data
  • Analyzing graphs
  • Units of measurement
  • Geometry
  • Number properties
  • Algebra
  • Statistics and probability
  • Problem-solving, reasoning, and proofs

Find out more about the STAAR Math test for 3rd–5th grades and 6th–8th grades.

STAAR Performance Standards

The Performance Standards change from one year to the next. Students need to score above the Level II: Satisfactory Academic Performance to pass the STAAR. These are the Performance Standards for STAAR Math for the year 2016–2017:
  • Third Grade – 1381
  • Fourth Grade – 1487
  • Fifth Grade – 1521
  • Sixth Grade – 1556
  • Seventh Grade – 1594
  • Eighth Grade – 1612

How to Prepare for the STAAR Math Test

Here are five tips to ace the STAAR Math assessment:

  • Find applications for math in everyday life. Show your child that math doesn’t just exist in his or her textbook. Encourage him or her to use math on a daily basis, for instance by interpreting charts and diagrams found in the newspaper or on television.
  • Develop the habit of solving problems step by step and in a tidy manner. It is best to write every step and to do so in an orderly fashion that allows your child to avoid any mistakes. It will also ease the process of checking his or her work and demonstrate the thought process and the problem-solving strategy used by your child.
  • Turn checking one's work into a habit. The best way to learn is from one's own mistakes. Teach your child to backtrack after finishing homework, a quiz, or a test. This will not only lessen the likelihood of submitting errors, but it will also help your child master the mathematical concepts better.
  • Turn weaknesses into strengths. Find the mathematical concepts, techniques, or applications that challenge your child and tackle them head on. Mastering a difficult concept will increase your child's confidence as well as improve his or her grade in the class.
  • Don’t memorize; understand. Memorizing math isn't useful when it comes to applying concepts to different problems. Math is a tool that must be mastered to be properly wielded, so encourage your child to understand the rationale behind the math. Comprehension of mathematical concepts will improve your child's learning process and problem-solving skills.

STAAR Test Practice - Online

The STAAR is an important test that can influence and shape your child's future academic development. Make sure your child is ready for the test by preparing with TestPrep-Online’s STAAR test practice pack. TestPrep-Online’s interactive and comprehensive practice packs will help your child master the skills and knowledge necessary for test day. The STAAR test practice pack includes realistic practice tests, in-depth answer explanations, and helpful study guides, allowing your child to become familiar with the test structure and providing him or her with the confidence needed to succeed.

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