Very helpful! I used the MAP 4th grade practice pack and the practice questions were very close to what the actual test was like. I passed with flying colours.
Derek (aged 10)
I am really happy with my MAP preparation purchase. My boys scored in the 99 percentile for 2nd and 5th grade!
We got the CogAT practice tests for our daughter. She nailed the test and I would totally recommend TestPrep-Online to other parents.
We used the CogAT practice tests and I would definitely recommend it to other parents. I liked that my child had both the timed and step-by-step options when taking a practice test.
We got the CogAT tests for my daughter. I loved how quickly I was able to access the tests after purchasing the product and how easy it was to use! It familiarized my daughter with the format of the test, allowing her to feel calm for the test.

Teachers looking for math questions for 3rd graders—request multi-packs at a discount for your class by contacting our customer success team here.

Preparation for 3rd Grade Math Tests

Begin preparing for your child’s 3rd grade math test now with our practice packs. We offer hundreds of math questions, along with answer explanations and score reports, all of which are both child- and parent-friendly.

Our practice packs are suitable for preparing for most 3rd grade math tests. You can access our 3rd grade math tests online, at any time. 3rd grade math test topics covered in our pack include:

  • word problems
  • working with numbers
  • extra Practice
  • study Guides

Free 3rd Grade Math Enrichment (Level 9)

There are lots of free math games, worksheets, and materials available on the internet. Whilst these can be helpful in providing extra practice, structured tests with answer explanations can better assist the learning process for children.

On this page, you can find free 3rd grade math sample questions that give you an idea of the types of Level 9 math problems your child will face, and the answer explanations we provide.

3rd Grade Math Gifted Practice

If your child is preparing to take arithmetic, quantitative or numerical reasoning tests for gifted program applications, such as the CogAT 3rd Grade Level 9 (Form 7) quantitative tests, our 3rd Grade Math Pack can help. Equally, our pack can support the development of children’s math skills for individuals taking the 3rd Grade OLSAT Level D gifted test, and other gifted tests as well. If your third grader is confident with math, this can reduce the pressure of gifted testing and enable your child to perform his or her best on test day. Get started with a 3rd grade math test online now!

3rd Grade Math Word Problems

In 3rd grade math testing, children are often presented with word problems, such as the one below, that they must answer.

Math word problems topics for 3rd grade include:

  • Arithmetic: Problems with purchases, distributing objects (for example, the total amount of students per class or objects per collection), and basic equations expressed in a story Distance: Problems in terms of traveling a certain distance at a given speed
  • Work Rate: Problems related to work rate—for example, book pages read per day
  • Geometry: Basic problems concerning areas

Have a go at answering the following free sample question with your child, and then read the explanation to understand the best process when working on 3rd grade math word problems.

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Sample 3rd Grade Math Word Problem

The teacher handed out 128 worksheets to the students in her class. Each student got four worksheets.

How many students received worksheets?

  1. 28
  2. 32

Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is (B).

To solve this problem, divide the total number of worksheets the teacher handed out by the number of worksheets each student received:
128/4 = (120 + 8)/4 = 30 + 2 = 32 students.

Sample Questions for 3rd Grade Math Problems

Your child will be expected to confidently tackle 3rd grade math problems during his or her 3rd grade math exam. The Level 9 math topics that are covered in our preparation packs for working with numbers practice include:

  • Coins and money: identifying change and currency, working with decimal numbers, and using basic arithmetic in the context of purchasing and calculating change
  • Computation: basic arithmetic, computing anything using the four basic operations
  • Place Value: basic understanding of number structure and basic arithmetic (like computation, but simpler)
  • Price Lists: problems dealing with purchasing an item from a given list detailing prices, basic arithmetic in the context of school items and games
  • Sequences: identifying a sequence, a missing term (or terms), arithmetic and geometric sequences

3rd Grade Multiplication Test Practice

Multiplication in math can be one of the most difficult and challenging types of math questions that your child will face. Once your child has mastered the rules, multiplication problems in math become fun and easy, and your child will be confident when taking any 3rd grade multiplication test.

Look at the explanation below to get an idea of how we teach children the steps to learn and master multiplication in math at Level 9.

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3rd Grade Multiplication Sample Question

9 x 7 =

  1. 16
  2. 63

Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is (B).

According to the multiplication table up to 10.

9 x 7 = 63.

Get more math multiplication for 3rd grade practice questions with our 3rd grade math enrichment packs now!

3rd Grade Extra Math Practice

Your child will likely encounter math questions and tests in 3rd grade that cover a variety of math test topics. We have compiled these remaining topics into an extra practice section in our preparation packs. These topics include:

  • Basic knowledge: questions concerning thinking, and not necessarily focused on math skills alone—for example, what is the appropriate tool to measure the volume of a liquid
  • Measurement: basic algebra and converting units—for example, weight
  • Basic Geometry: problems concerning lines and geometric shapes in general, perimeter, and area
  • Graph analysis: understanding data from a graph or list, and drawing conclusions
  • Arithmetic: basic computations, such as word problems and multiples of a given number or divisors
  • Sequences: simple problems about sequences and finding the next term
  • Fractions: understanding a proportion given in a story— for example, 3 out of 11 people sit on a couch
  • Estimations: long computations requiring an answer to be approximated

Below is a 3rd grade math sample problem question.

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3rd Grade Math Extra Practice Sample Question

What is the area of the colored figure?

  1. 12 square units
  2. 15 square units
  3. 18 square units
  4. 20 square units

Check the answer and explanation for this question with the 3rd grade math pack!

3rd Grade Math Study Guides

Study guides are an excellent supplement to practice questions. We have created six study guide pdfs that are available in our Level 9 3rd grade math practice packs: sequences, four Operations, estimations and measurement, geometry, and equations.

We believe that study guides can help provide a structure for learning and give greater insight into topics. Both parents supporting children and children taking the test can benefit from study guides.

3rd Grade Math Test Tips

Here are four tips that can help your child perform well on his or her 3rd grade math test.

  • Practice: It is no secret that practice, and only practice, leads to improvement. You may notice a visible change in your child’s attitude towards both practicing and taking his or her 3rd grade math tests. You may also notice an improvement in your child's level of confidence when he or she is given a solid framework to practice and prepare for his or her test.
  • Plan: Children benefit from structure in all aspects of their lives. You can help your child recognize his or her progress by setting milestones and creating weekly plans for math practice. Targeted practice, rather than endless problem-solving, can ensure your child covers all the relevant topics.
  • Persevere: If your child doesn’t do well at math there could be numerous reasons for his or her low performance. Try to identify the cause and address it. Improving your child’s relationship with math can revolutionize your child’s performance and cause his or her confidence to soar. Teaching your child perseverance with a difficult or boring subject is important at this point, and your child will benefit from your support.
  • Play: Very few children and adults enjoy testing. Most tests carry with them stress, anxiety, and boredom. Play, on the other hand, unleashes creativity and energy, and sparks interest in a subject. Use your imagination, or the internet, to provide your child with opportunities to incorporate learning into play and put newly learned math skills to practice. Math practice for 3rd grade can begin with baking cookies, gardening, drawing, and even playing sports, all of which require math skills. Couple study sessions with play sessions so that your child can draw upon his or her practical experience of math during study sessions.

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3rd Grade Math Test Prep

Begin 3rd grade math test prep now with TestPrep-Online. We offer the 3rd Grade Math, to help your child prepare for his or her 3rd grade math test. Access study guides, math practice questions, and answers, bundled into mini-tests, all available online for an unlimited number of attempts. 
Our basic pack offers 200+ 3rd grade math questions and four 3rd grade math pdf study guides. Go premium to access over 400 3rd grade math questions and all six 3rd grade math pdf study guides. Help your child ace Level 9 math testing!

For FAQs regarding this website, visit our help center. For further information regarding the packs, view the product details here.

Teachers looking for class packs of math problems for third graders can contact our customer success team with all requests.

CogAT®, OLSAT®, and MAP® are not trademarks and or property of TestPrep-Online. The trademark holder is not affiliated with TestPrep-Online or this website.

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