The CogAT test pack provided my son with challenging questions, which prepared him to perform well on the test.
I got the Family Membership. It was excellent!
My daughter was preparing for the NNAT test. The product was very helpful and it prepared her for the test. I recommended it to two of her friends' moms!
My kids were happy with this product and I would not change anything about it. The site is user-friendly and we had an overall great experience.
We used the OLSAT practice pack. We had a very good experience with this product. The study guide provided very useful information to familiarize with the test. I would give it a 9 out of 10.
I'm happy to report that my 3rd grade niece took her SCAT test and passed the quantitative math portion with flying colors - 44 of 50 correct! Your test preps were a huge help. Please give my thanks to everyone there who supported us through the process.

3rd Grade Math Practice Questions and Drills

Help your third grader improve his or her understanding of 3rd grade math topics with our 3rd Grade Math Basic Pack. This pack is designed to enrich your child’s knowledge whilst covering an array of word problem topics including calculating arithmetic, distances, work rate, and geometry.

For topics that involve numbers, your child can practice with coins and money questions, as well as computation problems, working with place value, price lists, and sequences. All our questions are divided into easy-to-use tests, and come with answer explanations that explain to your child the correct methods to practice. 

Prepare for 3rd Grade Math Tests (Level 9 Math)

TestPrep-Online provides 204 questions and four math study guides for 3rd grade (Level 9). The questions are divided into drills that can be attempted at any time. Your child can pause and resume his or her test, and take the test in either Timed-Mode or Step-by-Step mode.

Get the 3rd Grade Math Pack

For an additional 200+ math questions and extra study guides, check out our 3rd Grade Math Premium Pack. Get extra practice drills, and give your child more opportunities to strengthen his or knowledge.

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