Within a week of my son using the OLSAT/NNAT bundle, his scores improved drastically. My son was accepted onto the program!
We got the OLSAT/NNAT Bundle. We really like that we can watch the video academy multiple times. The site is easy and comfortable to use and I would recommend it to other parents of gifted children.
The test at school (NNAT) was easier than the questions on the website. I knew my answers were correct for all the questions except for two of them that I found somewhat confusing. I had a lot of fun doing the test!
The OLSAT for Level C practice pack was very helpful. My child was encouraged to do these sample tests.
My son was preparing for the NNAT test. We really liked it! It was easy to use and helped us a lot. Some of the questions were easy for my son, while for other questions he really had to think. It was a good combination.
We got the OLSAT tests. Our child took the test at the end of January. She enjoyed preparing and thought the questions were challenging.
We got the NNAT practice tests. The tests were really good and my daughter enjoyed taking them... I recommended it to anyone who came to me.

Effective online preparation for the OLSAT & NNAT Pre K-K Level

TestPrep-Online offers preparation materials for the OLSAT and NNAT. Our bundle packs offer customizable practice sessions which include practice tests, video tutorials, hundreds of sample questions, and study guides. Our OLSAT and NNAT packs are comprehensive and will thoroughly prepare your child for a gifted and talented test.

How to Prepare for the OLSAT & NNAT Tests

The OLSAT and NNAT tests are both used by many schools throughout the country as admission tests for gifted and talented programs. There are many similarities between the two tests, so if your child is about to take the OLSAT but needs extra practice beyond our OLSAT prep pack, it is recommended to use the NNAT prep pack as well. It is for this reason that we offer the two prep packs as a bundle pack for an extremely good price - start practicing today!

The questions on the OLSAT and NNAT tests are mostly not directly about the material your child studies at school and are meant to examine your child's abilities. The tests contain types of questions that children usually to not encounter at school, but can definitely be learned and practiced for. Being familiar with the question types on the exam will help your child be more confident during the exam, thus reflecting his or her skills more accurately.

Preschoolers are still very young and will require your help. It is recommended to be available for questions at all times, but encourage your child to work alone on as many questions as possible. It is highly recommended to solve as many questions as you can when purchasing our bundle pack.

Start with the test your child is taking; let your child solve all the questions and try to gather information about the types of questions your child finds easier or more challenging. Then move on to the other test, focusing this time on the types of questions your child needed more help with. If you have extra time, repeat those questions, then move on to questions your child finds easier. Remember, while it is important to focus on the more challenging questions, it is still recommended to solve questions of types your child is not having difficulties with: the actual test has questions of varying difficulty, and it is important that your child obtain as many tools as possible.

While studying, provide healthy snacks for your child. Remember sweets are not recommended, since they make your child's sugar levels plummet after a short rise, along with your child's concentration. Vegetables, fruit, and proteins such as eggs provide much better options.

Getting enough sleep is also crucial. A tired child will not study effectively. Make sure your child gets enough sleep and do not let him or her stay up too late, not even for studying, as it will make the next day's studying less effective.

Plan your child's studying: Try to have him or her study for short periods of time and take breaks in between. Remember young children cannot concentrate for too long. Keep study sessions short and to the point. Studying often is also recommended - for instance, studying for one hour every day for five days is more effective than studying for five hours in one day.

On the night before the test, make sure your child goes to bed early. Wake him or her up on time and provide a healthy, nutritious breakfast, preferably with proteins which will keep your child full and alert for several hours. Avoid chocolate and other sweets. Studies have shown that students achieve better academic results after a nutritious breakfast; take advantage of that knowledge.

Above all, keep a positive attitude! If you are optimistic about the test, so will your child be. Optimism and confidence are great tools for acing a test!

OLSAT and NNAT Video Academies

We are proud to provide high quality products for a low price. All of our practice materials include hundreds of questions. We believe that your child does not need expensive classes or tutors to succeed on a gifted children's test. With our online format, our study materials are available to you whenever, and wherever, you want. The videos below provide an inside look at the NNAT and OLSAT Video Academies. The NNAT Video Academy a series of five tutorials which explain in detail how to solve each NNAT question type, and is included in every Premium Bundle Pack.
The OLSAT Video Academy contains 11 video tutorials describing how to approach every OLSAT question type. The OLSAT Video Academy is only included in Levels A-C Premium Bundle Packs. To continue with the Video Academies, purchase any of the Premium Bundle Packs.


About the NYC G&T Program

Is your child currently enrolled in an NYC school? You may then have come across the city's G&T initiative. This exclusive program is designed for the fostering and growth for children who demonstrate exceptional academic ability and potential. If you believe your child fits this profile, we recommend preparing them for the program's admission test, consisting of OLSAT and NNAT sections. TestPrep-Online offers a variety of practice materials to help you do just that!

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