What Is the ATI TEAS English and Language Usage Test?

Considered easy for some test takers because English is used consistently throughout the day, the reality of the ATI TEAS English and Language Test is more complex. There are a lot of rules and terminology you need to be confident you understand when you take the ATI TEAS.

The ATI TEAS English and Language Usage Test assesses your communication skills, knowledge, and ability to use the English language.

You will have 28 minutes to answer the 37 questions on the English and Language Usage section. There are three topics, altogether worth 16% of the ATI TEAS exam score, on the English section:

  • Conventions of Standard English (12 items, 36% of the English section)
  • Knowledge of Language (11 items, 33% of the English section)
  • Using Language and Vocabulary (10 items, 31% of the English section)
  • An additional 4 pretest items are included in this section


Free TEAS English and Language Usage Practice Questions

Below, you will find a few sample questions that are likely to be found on the ATI TEAS English Test. These questions aim to provide you with an example of the types of question you will encounter on the test. .Check out our ATI TEAS English & Reading Pack for more extensive TEAS test practice, as well as to gain further insight into the test’s structure and question tendencies.

Based on an analysis of word structure, a "biannual" event happens___

  1. Twice a year
  2. Once every two years
  3. Twice a month
  4. Once every two months
Answer & Explanation

The correct answer is (A).
The word derives from "bi-" meaning "two" and "annual" meaning "yearly."


Prosperity most nearly means____

  1. Longevity
  2. Weakness
  3. Affluence
  4. Loneliness 
Answer & Explanation

The correct answer is C.
Prosperity means the state of being successful, especially economically. "Affluence" is similar in meaning and is therefore the correct answer.


ATI TEAS Engilsh and Language Usage PDF

Start preparing for the TEAS Test with our free TEAS Test Study Guide for English. The TEAS study guide is a PDF that will provide you with basic guidelines to properly prepare for the TEAS English Test. Simply click the PDF icon to open, download, and print our TEAS English Study Guide.


ATI TEAS Test Preparation

For more English TEAS practice questions, get the ATI TEAS English Pack. The pack can help you learn new skills and improve your English language knowledge. The resources in our ATI TEAS English Pack are similar in style and content to ATI Testing's newest ATI TEAS version.

On the ATI TEAS English and Language Usage Test, questions may require you to read a given passage or sentence, while others will simply require an answer without referencing any additional material. Start learning with our best TEAS Test prep that includes English practice tests and additional drills. 

The ATI TEAS English & Language Usage Pack includes hundreds of questions, comprised of:

  • Two full-length English and Language Usage Sections
  • 120 extra English questions
  • One grammar study guide

TEAS English Practice Tests and Tips

If you are due to take the ATI TEAS exam in 2024, start preparing as early as possible. The ATI Nursing exam is complex and competitive. Free TEAS practice tests and TEAS 7 practice test questions will not offer enough preparation material to prepare you for the exam. Invest in quality practice packs, written by professors, English language experts, and test-writing professionals. Get the best results with practice TEAS tests for the ATI TEAS 7 version.

The English section of the ATI TEAS requires good preparation, as do all the TEAS Test sections. Three good TEAS English practice tips to follow are: learn the rules by association, learn the exceptions by association, and, finally, practice, practice, practice.

The rules for English are complex and often not absolute. Remembering all the variations can become a complicated process, so be sure to frequently and consistently take TEAS Practice Tests. Waiting until the week or night before the exam to test your understanding may not leave you with enough time to master spelling or parts of speech, for example. To ensure you excel on the TEAS English exam, begin your preparation today.

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