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The TEAS Math section may be difficult, but TestPrep-Online is here to help. TestPrep-Online’s TEAS V Math Pack is similar to the ATI TEAS in both content and style. Learn about the math topics covered on the test and how you can prepare for them. Prepare for the ATI TEAS Math exam with questions, detailed answers, study guides, and score reports—all available in the TEAS V Math Pack.
Prepare for the TEAS Math Section

- Two full-length TEAS V Math tests
- Answers and explanations
- Study guides and score reports

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TestPrep-Online is an e-learning market leader, helping thousands of people pass education tests every year. We are working to develop brand new tests and study packages for the ATI TEAS 6th edition. If you are preparing for an upcoming test, you can use our TEAS V Mathematics Pack to help you prepare. The TEAS V Math Pack offers questions and support for subject matter similar to the material found on the ATI TEAS exam.

The latest TEAS version, ATI TEAS, permits the use of a calculator on the Math section of the exam. As our TEAS V tests currently do not permit the use of a calculator, we are working to introduce new technology and adjusted questions that are more like the ATI TEAS exam. Despite this dissimilarity, you can still use our TEAS V Math practice tests to improve your performance on this section. Practicing tests in timed conditions can boost your confidence, as well as train your brain to process questions and find answers quicker. You can use our tests to check your understanding of some of the topics you will find on the ATI TEAS exam. You can also evaluate your performance under timed conditions and practice ball-parking and other processes of elimination to increase your chances of choosing the right answer.

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The TEAS V Math Pack Includes:

  • Over 200 total questions, comprised of:
  • Two full-length TEAS V Math practice tests (66 Q&A)
  • 153 additional Math practice questions
  • Question types similar to ATI TEAS questions
  • Math study guides
  • Detailed answer explanations and score reports

How to Pass the ATI TEAS Math Section

You will have 54 minutes to answer the 36 questions on the Math section. There are two topics on the Math section:
  • Number & Algebra (approximately 26 questions, 73% of the Math section)
  • Measurement & Data (approximately 10 questions, 27% of the Math section)

TEAS Test Math Review

The ATI TEAS test now provides a calculator. However, you are still expected to perform arithmetic and algebra comfortably, confidently, and quickly on the test. The internet is full of TEAS math test tips that are extremely helpful for building review plans. Below, you will find lists of math concepts grouped by topic. A good math test tip, and an effective method of preparation, is to work from a comprehensive list of concepts or skills that you must know for the test. As you build your knowledge, be sure to take regular practice tests. Doing so will enable you to test if you can remember what you have learnt, as well as if you can answer questions correctly while under the pressure of test-like conditions.

Be sure to use the information below as a starting point for your review of the TEAS Math section. The information provides an overview of topics that require further study and practice.

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Topics You Should Focus on for Arithmetic Include:

  • Arithmetic: understand at least the four basic operations, negative numbers, positive numbers, percentages, decimals, and fractions.
  • Place Value: understand how each number in a sequence can be identified as a "one," "ten," "hundred," "thousand," and so on, depending on its relationship with the place value.
  • Number Order: understand how to compare numbers by aligning their place values.
  • Nonnegative integers: understand how nonnegative integers, commonly called positive whole numbers and described as complete units that are greater than zero, operate as counting numbers.
  • Negative numbers: understand the rules when working with negative numbers, including multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction.
  • Order of operations: understand PEMDAS—Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction—a key rule applicable to solving expressions and choosing in which order to solve each expression.
  • Decimals: understand how to read and work with decimals, including adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimal numbers.
  • Fractions: understand the relationship between the denominator and the numerator, how to work with equivalent fractions and mixed fractions, how to find the greatest common factor of a fraction, and how to order fractions.
  • Percentages: understand how to add and subtract percentages and how to calculate percentage amounts.

Topics You Should Focus on for Algebra Include:

  • Constants and variables: understand that variables are symbols representing a value that is either unknown or non-specific, compared to constants that are values that do not change.
  • Combining terms when working with equations and expressions: understand that combining coefficients in some circumstances allows simplification of the expression that needs to be solved.
  • Isolate a variable: understand how to isolate a variable by using methods such as inverse operations.
  • Problem solving: understand that problems presented in words and not just numbers can be "translated" into numerical expressions. Understand terminology variants for all four of the basic operations (quotient, for example, indicates that division is required).
  • Problems that incorporate percentage, proportion, ratio, or rate of change: understand that percentages can be written as decimals, proportions work with ratios, ratios can often be simplified, and rates of change are a focus on the relationship between two measurements.

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Topics You Should Focus on for Measurement Include:

  • US standard system of measurement: understand the different units of measurement, including pounds, fluid ounces, and feet.
  • Metric system of measurement: understand the different units of measurement, including kilos, grams, centimeters, meters, and liters.
  • Converting between the two systems of measurement: understand a few conversions (1 meter is about 3.2 feet), and become comfortable applying and reversing them.
  • Geometric/physical quantities: understand how to work out the perimeter, area, volume, height, width, and conversion of different shapes and units.

Topics You Should Focus on for Data Include:

  • Reading data: understand how to read different graphs, charts, and tables and the main purpose of the use of each different style of graphic representation.
  • Estimation: understand how to quickly estimate, or "guesstimate," a figure to help you check your answer and to familiarize yourself with reading and interpreting graphic representations quicker.
  • Rounding: understand how to round up or round down numbers to speed up or check your work.
  • Variable relationships: understand how to read and recognize relationships that are not constant and can be classified as a response and explanatory relationship—one variable responds to the other.

TEAS Math Test Practice Questions

Need to sharpen your math skills? You can use our TEAS V Math Pack to practice for the ATI TEAS. Please note that the ATI TEAS permits the use of a basic four function calculator on the screen. Our tests currently do not permit the use of a calculator. Despite this dissimilarity between our tests and the ATI TEAS, you can still use our tests to improve your performance on the Math section.

TestPrep-Online offers TEAS V practice tests that allow you to practice for all sections of the TEAS and ensure you are well-prepared for the actual test. Our tests are timed to mimic an actual testing experience. They also include answers and explanations to maximize your preparation for the TEAS exam. With our pack, you can track your results and determine your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to work on areas in which you need to improve as well as to feel more confident on test day.

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