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ATI TEAS Science Test Practice 2017

Prepare to pass ATI Testing’s Science test with the ATI TEAS Science Pack. Learn the material across the test's three topics, and practice with test questions similar to those on the ATI TEAS Science test. Use the detailed answer explanations to improve your understanding, and check your progress with score reports.
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- Full-length ATI TEAS practice tests
- Drills for English & Language Usage, Science, Math, and Reading
- Detailed answer explanations 

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Free TEAS Science Practice Questions

Practice and exposure to the various question types that appear on the TEAS Science test are key to your success. Below you will find free practice questions that are likely to appear on the TEAS Science test.

Which of the following does not affect the binding affinity of oxygen to hemoglobin?

  1. The levels of hemoglobin within the erythrocyte cells
  2. The allosteric regulation of hemoglobin
  3. The pH level
  4. The partial pressure of oxygen

What is formed in the process of cellular respiration?

  1. H2O
  2. CO2
  3. ATP
  4. All of the above

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What Is the ATI TEAS Science Test?

The ATI Nursing Science test is one of the most difficult sections for many test takers. As one of the largest topic areas, with a lot of material to cover, mastering the Science section requires patience and perseverance.

The ATI TEAS Science test is a section within the exam focused on three science topics. Of all the sections of the ATI TEAS exam, Science is one of the largest, worth 31% of the exam.

The section is comprised of 53 questions to be answered in just over an hour (63 minutes). The ATI TEAS Science section is comprised of three topics:

  • Human Anatomy & Physiology, (32 items, 68% of the Science section)
  • Life & Physical Sciences, (8 items, 17% of the Science section)
  • Scientific Reasoning, (7 items, 15% of the Science section)
  • An additional 6 items are included as pretest items

The Science section can be the most daunting part of the TEAS test for many applicants. Use our Step-by-Step mode to learn the complex subject matter, and Timed Mode to improve your performance under time pressure.

TEAS V Earth Science and ATI TEAS Science Topics

ATI Testing's newest ATI TEAS exam features fewer questions on Earth Science as the Earth Science topic has been removed, with some questions absorbed into the remaining topics. Our updated practice tests have been written to reflect these changes. Use all TEAS V practice test and study material with caution; it is likely that they do not offer questions that cover the relevant material on the ATI TEAS test. Use our updated ATI TEAS practice tests to gauge your understanding and improve your TEAS score.
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How to Pass the ATI TEAS Science Test

Many nursing programs state certain science subjects as pre-requisites to their program. Double check your program admission requirements. Sometimes, courses you have previously taken can assist with your preparation for the TEAS test, by providing a foundation of knowledge for the topics covered on the ATI TEAS Science test. Use our resources, including our free ATI TEAS study guide PDF with free TEAS practice questions to start your prep.

ATI TEAS Science Study Guide PDF

Struggling with the Science section? Use TestPrep-Online’s ATI TEAS Science Study Guide to improve your test performance. ATI Testing's ATI TEAS science section of the exam has undergone considerable changes, so we created a study guide to outline the material for you, for free! Use our free PDF along with our updated ATI TEAS practice tests to be sure that you cover all the material you need to know.

ATI Nursing TEAS Practice Packs

We write hundreds of questions every year to help students prepare for academic tests. Our ATI TEAS Science pack is created with your needs in mind. Practice science questions for all three topics in either Timed Mode or Step-by-Step Mode.

The ATI TEAS Science Pack Includes:
  • Hundreds of Science practice questions, comprised of:
  • Question types similar to ATI TEAS questions
  • Detailed answer explanations and score reports

ATI TEAS Practice Test Questions

Want more TEAS Science practice like the free samples above? TestPrep-Online is a leader in e-learning services, helping thousands of people pass education tests every year. We are have developed brand new learning and testing packages for the ATI TEAS 6th edition. If you are preparing for an upcoming test, you can use our ATI TEAS practice packs to prepare for your TEAS test.

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