Very good explanations! I love it and I learnt many things from you... thanks for such a great help!
Thank you for your superb customer service; and thank you for making a difference in my life. I am happy to let you know that I passed the test.
I have improved my scores greatly. Your study guides are very helpful and before each test you take I would recommend everyone to go over the guides first. I take this approach for every test and my scores increase everyday.
Best money I've ever spent! Having these practice tests took away all of the stress of taking the test, I crushed it!
My son could practice the types of questions and have an understanding of what he was going to be asked and confidence going into the test.

Why Brain Training Games & Questions?

To keep your mind in top condition, it’s crucial to keep it challenged. Brain-stimulating games and questions can be an excellent way to keep your brain from staying idle. Our pack includes both logical and analytical reasoning exercises to offer you a dose of daily mental activity at your convenience and pace.

Logical Reasoning Questions

Simply put, logical reasoning questions require an ability to reach the answer by being able to spot the necessary implications of given information. Logical reasoning skills are required in all sorts of ways. Therefore, we’ve made sure to include an array of logical reasoning questions, including a Sudoku section, a mathematics section, and an English section.

Sudoku Section

Playing Sudoku has been linked with improved mental performance. The American Alzheimer’s Association has even deemed it beneficial against Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, we’ve included an entire section consisting of just these logic puzzles.

Mathematical Logic Section

Dealing with mathematical concepts directly is an excellent way to enrich logic and reasoning skills. Our math questions in this pack cover the arithmetic aspect of mathematics, making sure you make proper use of mathematical operations, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

English Logic Section

Logic is often used through language-based questions and problems. Therefore, we’ve included a section devoted to the English language. Questions focus on logic, including reading statements and determining their logical implications as well as using grammatical rules to logically determine the missing portion of a sentence.

Analytical Reasoning Questions

Analytical reasoning questions are those that require you to recognize patterns within any form of information. Honing your analytical reasoning means strengthening your ability to recognize components and underlying patterns.

Shapes Section

The shape section of our pack includes figure analogies, pattern completion questions and various puzzles to complete. These questions are designed to encourage analytical reasoning through requiring you to interpret bodies of information on a holistic scale, while simultaneously analyzing components separately.

Challenge Section

Like the Shapes Section of our pack, the challenge section includes pattern recognition questions on a more demanding level. The questions in this section require you to choose the image that best completes the pattern in a given series of images.

Tips for Keeping your Brain Sharp

If you’re on this page, your reasons are fairly clear: keep your mind strong, and/or make it stronger. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some tips we’ve put together to help you get on the right track:

  • Never stop learning. Every time you learn something new, a new branch of knowledge is made in your brain. Of course, the more branches, the better. Keep those branches growing, by taking the time to learn something new every day, be it a quick, curious web search, or enrolling in a steady class.
  • Challenge your brain through your daily tasks. Keeping your daily tasks within a routine can be a great thing for efficiency and organization. However, too much routine and predictability can leave your mind in a rather idle state. So, feel free to break your routine on occasion: take a different route home from work, write with your non dominant hand, perform an activity with your eyes closed. All these tiny changes are excellent ways of keeping your brain on its toes.
  • Stretch those logic muscles daily. Whether it’s through our Brain Training practice Pack, or through a brain game of any sort, we recommend dedicating a few minutes every day to a fun brain stretch.
  • Try new activities. Learning new activities can be a great way to keep your brain awake. Learning anything new, from playing golf to playing piano, challenges you to think in top consciousness as you take in new information, rules, and strategies.
  • Learn a new language. Whether you know only one language, or twenty, take the time to pick another one up. Language learning has been linked to increased brain activity and power. As a bonus, it’s shown to decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s.
  • Remember to exercise. Everybody knows that exercise is vital for a healthy body. What many people don’t know is that it is vital for a healthy mind as well. In fact, studies have shown regular exercise to be beneficial for both memory and thought formation.
  • Eat brain foods. Did you know that junk food can have a significant impact on your cognitive ability? Research has shown that lack of nutrients can result in lack of cognitive ability, severely affecting memory and learning capabilities. So, next time you’re hungry for a snack, try fruits and nuts.

Strengthen your Brain with TestPrep-Online!

The human brain is our most distinct feature as homo sapiens. Embrace this beautiful organ by giving it the pampering it deserves with our Brain Training Practice Pack. Stretch those mental muscles of yours in the form of games, arithmetic, language, logic, and analysis. Our pack comes equipped with Sudoku games, pattern recognition tasks, and English and math-based questions, all aimed at sharpening both your reasoning and analytical skills. This pack is perfect for anyone seeking a way to keep their mind sharp and nimble.

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