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About the CLEP College Algebra Exam

There are four topics that make up the CLEP College Algebra Exam: 

  • 12 questions on number systems and operations
  • 15 questions on algebraic operations
  • 15 questions on equations and inequalities
  • 18 questions on functions and their properties

Within these four topics, you will face two kinds of math problem: routine, straightforward math problems, and non-routine, more complicated math problems. The latter type of math question will require you to have a strong grasp of mathematical concepts and be able to apply these concepts and your mathematical skills to answer the questions.

Sound complicated? It does not have to be. Early preparation can help you face this section of the test with the confidence and knowledge required to pass.

You will be required to answer 60 questions in 90 minutes, and you may use a calculator to help you.

Start preparing with TestPrep-Online! We are offering a CLEP Algebra practice pack, full of CLEP Algebra sample questions and Algebra practice tests, designed to help you understand the questions and prepare for the test.

About the CLEP Math Test

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CLEP College Algebra Prep

What is included in our CLEP College Algebra practice pack? You can prepare with a CLEP College Algebra test simulation and additional CLEP Algebra practice tests that cover the four major topics.

Our simulation is just like the real test – you have 90 minutes to answer 60 questions. 

We also provide CLEP Algebra study guides to help you better understand the concepts behind the questions. 

Skills to Master before the Test

The CLEP Algebra assumes complete control over some simpler mathematical skills. Before you take the test or one of the simulations from our practice packs, make sure you have brushed up on: basic operations with real numbers (including decimals and fractions), definitions of a function, coordinate axes, graph, slope, and others.

Another assumption is that knowledge about natural numbers (those used to count), integers (whole numbers), rationals (fractions with integers), irrational (pi, square root of two, etc.), and complex numbers is in control. That is, you should know how to operate with these numbers, and how to recognize them.

The practice pack focuses on understanding how all the topics are related. For example, some functions can be graphed, and many questions require you to understand and foresee how the graph of a function should look, or which function is described using a specific function. Linear functions (where the highest exponent of the variable is one) are graphed as straight lines, quadratic functions (highest exponent is two) are parabolas, etc. All of these are examples of principles you have heard but will practice in the questions.

Furthermore, it is recommended to be reminded of some special functions such as: absolute value, trigonometric functions, exponential functions, and radical functions. Last, but not least, you should know how to quickly solve equations and inequalities of first and second degree.

How to Prepare for the CLEP

Every question in our practice pack contains a detailed explanation of how to solve it. For every question, you are explained not only the logic that leads to the correct answers, but also how to rule out incorrect answers as well.

Take a period of two weeks in order to prepare for the CLEP. More time may be needed if some topics need more refreshment. If you cannot solve one of the questions look at the explanation and try to understand the process involved in the solution from the moment you read the question and until the last word of the explanation. 

Retake some of the tests if you feel it is necessary. You can do this as many times as you want. Try to understand from our practice packs which topics you need more reinforcement and try to focus more on understanding the solution for those topics. Do not forget to time yourself. The CLEP Algebra test is timed and one of the most difficult things to get accustomed to is the time pressure of having to solve each question in one and a half minutes.

The study guides included in the test can help you remember some of the things you have learned from high school.

 CLEP and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with TestPrep-online or this website.

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