Test Prep-Online's Commitment to Student Success

Our team at Test Prep-Online is proud to offer comprehensive study material for a wide variety of standardized tests. In addition to accurate simulations of real tests, we provide drills, study guides, and solutions with detailed explanations for each practice question. Our vast library of educational materials can be used to prepare for multiple tests or for general academic enrichment. In all of our Prep Packs, we strive to equip students with essential knowledge and skills for success, combining subject matter review with test-specific strategies. Customers often arrive out our website looking to study for particular test and end up integrating our resources into their academic routine. Join us today for comprehensive test prep and academic enrichment.

Who Is the Family Membership For?

Test Prep-Online's Family Membership provides unlimited access to all of our educational materials for a year. Family Members can study with any Prep Pack, at any time, on any kind of device, using up to three separate customer accounts. But don't let the name fool you! A Family Membership is also a great investment for an individual learner interested in studying for more than one test or in combining his or her test prep with academic enrichment. Here are some typical examples of families and individuals that benefit from the Family Membership:

  • A family with children of different ages taking the same test at different levels
  • A family with one or more children studying for both academic achievement and gifted and talented tests
  • A family that is homeschooling one or more children and looking for test prep and/or academic enrichment
  • An elementary school student who benefits from studying both at and above/below grade level
  • A student of any age looking to improve a particular skill set like reading, grammar, math, logical reasoning, or spatial reasoning
  • A student of any age looking for academic enrichment
  • A student applying to nursing school who is preparing for both a general and a nursing-specific admission test

If you're on the fence about whether the Family Membership is worth it for you, it's helpful to consider all of the tests that you and/or members of your household will be taking over the next year. For example, you could invest in the Family Membership to prepare for a test in the fall, continue strengthening skills over the winter, and then prepare for another test in the spring. If you don't find a particular test that you're looking for on our website, our Customer Success Team is happy to recommend other products to you that could likely meet your needs.

We are confident that our products help test-takers to learn, understand, and ace their tests. We are pleased to be able to offer our entire collection of practice tests and materials for a reasonable one-time payment.

Benefits of Family Membership

  • Immediate and easy access to our entire test directory
  • Gifted & talented, end-of-year, admissions, placement, and higher education tests
  • Over 5,000 unique practice questions, each with an answer, and answer explanation
  • Over 20 instructional videos
  • Over 30 study guides
  • Score reports available at the end of every test

Track Each User's Progress

Have you got more than one child preparing for the same test? Simply contact Customer Success to set up up to three additional accounts to track each individual's progress.

Customer Support

We pride ourselves on our high standard of customer support. Our friendly, practical, and supportive Customer Success team communicate with our customers every day, offering a range of technical and academic support.

We use a ticket system to keep track of your queries and to help us keep under our average response time of 24 hours. Got a question about anything to do with TestPrep-Online, or a test you or your child may need to prepare for? Submit a ticket!

To get started, simply buy our Family Membership now!

A Note From Our Team of Test Prep Experts

We recognise that kids and adults who prepare for exams can see a noticeable improvement in their score, and in other aspects of their lives too. Preparing for tests can:

  • improve good habits, such as self-discipline and delayed gratification
  • boost knowledge
  • enhance thinking and analytical skills, and
  • develop effective stress management techniques

Books, online tests, and tutors can cost thousands of dollars every year. Knowing the financial pressures that parents and students can face, we introduced our Family Membership pricing plan. Our Family Membership is unlike our typical Basic and Premium pricing plans which focus on individual tests and grades. Instead, we wanted to offer a holistic approach to test preparation.

Simply make a one-time payment, get a Family Membership, and you and your family will receive unlimited access to all of our test products, available on our website, for an entire year.

We look forward to having you as part of the TestPrep-Online Family!

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