What to Expect on the ISEE Middle Level

Middle level (for entrance to grades 7–8):

Question Type Amount of Questions
Verbal Reasoning 40
Quantitative Reasoning 37
Reading Comprehension 36
Mathematics Achievement 47
Essay 1 Essay
Total 160 Questions + Essay

The Verbal Reasoning section looks at vocabulary strength and reasoning through synonyms & sentence completion. Read more…

The Quantitative Reasoning section looks at innate mathematical thinking through word problems and quantitative comparisons. Read more…

The Reading Comprehension section looks at ability to appropriately analyze a given text through passages and questions. Read more…

The Mathematics Achievement section looks at a student’s use of mathematical processes taught in school through questions based on calculations and equations. Read more…

The Essay section looks at ability to write correctly and express thought effectively. Read more…

While each ISEE level consists of the same question types, the ISEE Middle Level is geared toward kids in the 6th and 7th grade (going into 7th and 8th grade). It is a bit longer than the ISEE Lower Level and the same length as the ISEE Upper Level. The questions on the test reflect the expected knowledge level of this age group.

ISEE Online Test Prep

In order to be successful on the ISEE Middle Level Test, it is important to set aside time to prepare. TestPrep-Online offers level-specific, child-friendly ISEE practice test packs to help ensure your child is prepared for test day. The ISEE Middle Level practice test pack includes two realistic practice tests and helpful study guides, enabling your child to become familiar with the test structure. Help your child start preparing for the ISEE Middle Level Test with TestPrep-Online so that s/he will be confident and ready on the day of the test. 

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