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How Are KBIT Test Scores Calculated?

Three scores are generated by the KBIT-2 Test:

  • Verbal (assesses crystallized ability)
  • Nonverbal (assesses fluid reasoning)
  • Overall IQ composite

Overall IQ: The Overall IQ (or Composite IQ) score is generally what people are referring to when discussing a person’s IQ. This score is based on the verbal and nonverbal subtests of the KBIT Test. The average IQ score ranges from 90-110. This is the score you will see in your child's test results.

The Overall IQ Score is found by converting the Raw Score (the total number of points earned on each subtest) into a standard score, with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15 (see bell curve below). The range of the Overall IQ Score is between 40 - 160.

Descriptive Categories

The table below provides a general description of what your child's KBIT scores mean:

Score Description
130 and above Upper extreme
120 -129 Well above average
110 - 119 Above average
109 - 90 Average
80 - 89 Below average
70 - 79 Well below average
69 and below Lower extreme

The graph below details KBIT score distribution:

Eligibility for Gifted Programs

Gifted schools and programs vary on their admission requirements. Programs using the KBIT-2 generally expect a score between 125 - 130.

Prepare for the KBIT-2

The KBIT-2 may be a short exam, but it is certainlty a challenging one. Optimal performance on the test, therefore, means optimal preparation.

To help your child’s prep process, TestPrep-Online will soon offer KBIT-2 Practice Test Packs, which are designed to familiarize the test-taker with both the format of the test, as well as its content. For convenience, all TestPrep-Online’s products are available online 24/7 once purchased.


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