Very helpful! I used the MAP 4th grade practice pack and the practice questions were very close to what the actual test was like. I passed with flying colours.
Derek (aged 10)
TestPrep is helping a lot, I am able to get used to the questions and learn how to solve them quickly.
These practice tests were good for my daughter to get her ready for her MAP testing. It provided some guidance for her to know what to expect.
I am really happy with my MAP preparation purchase. My boys scored in the 99 percentile for 2nd and 5th grade!
Very kind and thoughtful about customer.

Prepare for the 8th Grade MAP Test with TestPrep-Online!

Performing well on the MAP test can give students a leg-up in their academic career and, therefore, it is extremely important to take enough time to properly prepare for it. Preparing for the test will also give your child a better understanding of what to expect from it and will contribute to a far more accurate picture of his or her abilities and potential.

TestPrep-Online’s 8th Grade MAP Practice Pack includes a full-length MAP test simulation for each of the actual test sections (Reading, Language Usage, & Math), specially designed to familiarize your child with the test’s structure. Our pack also contains three additional Math quizzes with increasing levels of difficulty. All questions on the simulations and quizzes are aligned with the US Common Core and coupled with thorough explanations and solving tips.

Additionally, this pack is equipped with a new and elaborated Math Introduction Section, containing detailed study guides and mini-quizzes for each of the different mathematic subjects of the MAP test (geometry, algebra, etc.), helping your child work step-by-step through the MAP Math Section. This Introduction Section will help refresh your child’s memory of how to solve the relevant types of math problems before he or she starts taking the practice tests.

Learn more about the NWEA 8th Grade MAP Test

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