What Is the NYS Math Test?

The New York State Math Test is used to test the skills of elementary school students from 3rd to 8th grade. Each level has varying standards to ensure that students across the board have absorbed their studies and can advance to the next level of education.

The New York State Education Department’s math test for students includes three types of questions:

Multiple-Choice Questions – These questions are used on all standardized testing  from Preschool to Grade 12. The questions generally challenge the student to draw from various concepts they have learned and use the skills they have developed to complete a multistep problem.

Short-Response Questions – These questions are a bit more complicated because they require the test taker to not only get the answer correct, but also show their work. The student should be careful to follow the multiple steps needed to solve and answer each question correctly.

Extended-Response Questions – On the extended questions, not only is it necessary to show the work, but the problems are much more extensive and will require the successful completion of several tasks simultaneously. Additionally, questions may also challenge the students reasoning and critique abilities.

Who Takes the NYS Math Test?

All New York State students between 3rd to 8th Grade are mandated to take the math test.

What Are the NYS Math Test Scores Used for?

The test serves several important purposes.

First, the test is used as a measuring stick to assess how schools are succeeding to instruct their pupils.

Secondly, it provides important data to the State or better predict the percentage of future graduates, which translates into future quality of employment.

Thirdly, it gives the schools an indication of their students’ overall success.

What is a Good Math Score on the NYS Math Test?

Before we launch into an explanation about how the grading system for each question works, it is important to understand what constitutes a passing grade.

NYS standardized test ranges from 400-600. Without reaching a minimum score of 520, your child cannot pass this particular test.

The point system is divided between a two point and three-point responses or holistic rubric.

2 Point Holistic Rubric

  • 2 Point – To receive two points, the student must demonstrate a firm understanding of the methodologies, principles, and procedure behind the mathematical equation.  However, small mistakes may be made.
  • 1 Point – One point will be awarded if the student was able to follow the process overall, even if they included mistakes and an incorrect final result. Or alternatively, the final answer may be correct, but the process was incorrect.
  • 0 Point - No point will be awarded in the event the student demonstrates total failure in both the procedure and answer.

3 Point Holistic Rubric

  • 3 Points – To receive three points, the student must demonstrate a firm understanding of the methodologies, principles, and procedures behind the mathematical equation.
  • 2 Point - Even though the solution may be incorrect, the student demonstrated a strong understanding of the procedure and the mathematical concepts discussed in the question.
  • 1 Point - One point is awarded for failing to reach the right answer, but also making a wide number of mistakes in the procedure and in providing explanations.
  • 0 Point - No point will be awarded in the event the student demonstrates total failure in both the procedure and answer.

NYS Math Test 2020 Dates

The exams in 2020 will be administered on April 22 and 23, with make-up exams on April 24, 27, and 28.

How to Prepare for the NYS Math Test?

Of course, paying attention in class is a very important element to passing the test, but further reinforcement of knowledge is important as well. JobTestPrep is soon rolling out a new NYS Math Test PrepPack™ which will be fully equipped for all materials found on the upcoming 2020 test.

NYS 3rd Grade Math test

The NYS 3rd grade math test touches upon a range of subjects, including:

  • Whole Numbers – This includes multiplication sentences and expressions for equal groups and arrays, along with writing multiplication sentences for number lines and more.
  • Multiplication and Division – In this section students is expected to understand distributive properties, relate multiplication and division, use area models to multiply one digit by two-digit figures, and more.
  • Fractions – This section includes matching fractions to models, showing fraction bars, fractions of a whole in the form of word problems and molding word problems, and more.
  • Four Operations – Using Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, the student will be tasked in solving variables, writing variable equations, using whole numbers to perform multiple operations, and more.
  • Extend Arithmetic Patterns – This includes multiplication and division for input and output as found in tables, addition, and subtraction in increasing place values, and more.

NYS 5th Grade Math test

The NYS 5th grade math test will look at the following issues and more.

  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking
  • Fractions
  • Place Value System
  • Measurement Units
  • Geometry

For instance, in the Geometry section you will be asked to use pair of axes to define a coordinate line, while in the Algebraic Thinking section, you will be asked to evaluate and write numerical expressions or complete a table from a graph.

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