We used the CogAT practice pack. The questions in this study pack were very similar in style to what appeared on the actual test. I would definitely recommend this product to other parents.
We got the CogAT tests for my daughter. I loved how quickly I was able to access the tests after purchasing the product and how easy it was to use! It familiarized my daughter with the format of the test, allowing her to feel calm for the test.
We used the CogAT practice tests and I would definitely recommend it to other parents. I liked that my child had both the timed and step-by-step options when taking a practice test.
We got the CogAT practice tests for our daughter. She nailed the test and I would totally recommend TestPrep-Online to other parents.
My son was preparing for CogAT Level 9. With practice, my son got used to the question styles and the practice built his confidence with the exam. Once kids know they can do well, there is no limit – they will always do their best. I have recommended TestPrep-Online to all my friends.

Note: the PARCC Practice Pack is NOT included in our Premium Membership.

Sample Questions and Explanations - Free PDF

To help you prepare for the PARCC, we've developed eight sample math questions for third grade and included explanations of the answers. Our aim is to help you and your child understand the material and the reasoning behind it.

Sample from the PDF:

Josh went to the supermarket and bought several egg cartons. Each egg carton contained 12 eggs. In total, he bought 48 eggs. How many egg cartons did Josh buy?

  1. 48
  2. 12
  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 6

The correct answer is (D).

To find the number of egg cartons Josh bought, divide the total number of eggs he bought by the number of eggs in each carton. There were 12 eggs in each carton: 48 ÷ 12 = 4 Josh bought four egg cartons. Therefore, the correct answer is (D).

Seven Tips to Ace the PARCC Test

  • Practice, practice, and more practice. The PARCC assesses critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These skills are not only relevant for the student's current grade, but also for his or her future college and career readiness. The surest way to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge is with practice. The best method is not to cram for the test, but to practice a few months in advance. Try our practice pack now and start preparing today.
  • Talk with your child's teachers. It is best to communicate freely and openly with your child's teachers, preferably early in the school year. Try to find out if your child is struggling with any of the topics he or she will later be tested on. This will help focus your child's practice routine. Keep monitoring your child's progress in school to note any struggles.
  • Create a studying schedule. Students should study a few hours each day to ensure they master the material on which they are being tested. Regular practice will help them develop the understanding and reasoning measured by the PARCC.
  • Master the concepts. Memorizing isn't useful when it comes to applying concepts to different problems. Encourage your child to understand the rationale behind the math and the reasoning behind the text. Comprehension of the reading material and the mathematical arguments will improve your child's learning process and problem-solving skills.
  • Turn weaknesses into strengths. Find the concepts, techniques, or applications that challenge your child and tackle them head on. Mastering a difficult concept will increase your child's confidence as well as improve his or her grade in the class.
  • Learn from mistakes. Help your child locate his or her weaknesses by reviewing and analyzing various types of texts and problems. Variety will help your child understand the concepts better and conquer whichever task posed a challenge to him or her in the past.
  • Hard work pays off. Outline your solution for each problem. Whether it is a written response or a mathematical question, solving problems in a step-by-step and tidy manner illustrates the thought process and the problem-solving strategy used. Moreover, it helps to prevent mistakes. When the steps are clearly written or the argument clearly developed, it is easy to find the solution.

On PARCC Test Day

Here are four tips to help you prepare your child for the day of the PARCC test:

  • Pack the night before. Bring pencils, a pencil sharpener, an eraser, and a calculator (if the test requires it). Pack everything you need the day before so you won't have to look for it on the day of the test.
  • Get a good night's rest before the test. Doing so will help to ensure your child remains alert and focused throughout the exam.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast to start the day. Eating a healthy breakfast will ensure your child has plenty of energy to tackle the four-hour exam.
  • Smile. Your child has prepared and studied for the test, so it is best to maintain a positive and relaxed attitude. Your child should be familiar with the test's format and material by the time he or she takes the test, so there is no need to apply extra pressure on the day of the test.

PARCC Test Practice - Online

The PARCC is an important test that can influence and shape your child's future academic development. The PARCC assesses a thinking process rather than memorized facts, so it is important to prepare for the test ahead of time. Make sure your child is ready by preparing with TestPrep-Online’s PARCC test practice pack. Our pack includes realistic practice tests, detailed answer explanations, and helpful study guides, allowing your child to become familiar with the test structure and providing him or her with the confidence needed to succeed.

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