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SSAT Quantitative Section Explained

One of the four subjects assessed on the SSAT Test is the Quantitative section. On each of the different SSAT levels, the material found on the SSAT Quantitative section is grade specific. Read on to learn more about the SSAT Quantitative section.
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The SSAT Quantitative section varies among the different SSAT levels.

SSAT Elementary Level - Quantitative

The SSAT Elementary Level Quantitative section is made up of 30 questions to be completed in 30 minutes. These questions are based on concepts considered to be the fundamentals of 3rd and 4th grade mathematics. However, some of these questions may still be challenging for students in each respective grade. The questions on the SSAT math section for the Lower Level reflect the following:

3rd Grade4th Grade
Basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division Basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
Place value Place value
Ordering of numbers (greater than, less than) Ordering of numbers (greater than, less than)
Fractions Fractions
Basic concepts of geometry (shapes and their attributes) Basic concepts of geometry (shapes and their attributes)
Basic concepts of measurement Basic concepts of measurement
Interpretation of graphs Interpretation of graphs

Factors and multiples


Basic concepts of angle measurement

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SSAT Middle & Upper Levels - Quantitative

The math section on the SSAT Middle & Upper Levels is comprised of 50 questions, split into two parts (25 questions and 30 minutes each). These sections are used to assess one’s understanding and grasp of geometry and algebra, as well as other quantitative concepts. Many of the SSAT math problems are written in mathematical terms which directly indicate the operation necessary to resolve the question. Other questions are formatted as word problems which do not necessarily indicate the operation needed to solve the question. For such questions, one must examine the wording of the question and the information provided in order to determine what operations are necessary to solve the question.

The following table depicts the areas covered on the SSAT Middle & Upper Levels Quantitative sections:

Number Concepts and Operations Algebra (Elementary Concepts of Algebra)Geometry/ MeasurementData Analysis/ Probability
Arithmetic word problems (including percent, ratio) Properties of exponents Area and circumference of a circle Interpretation (tables, graphs)
Basic concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division Algebraic word problems Area and perimeter of a polygon Trends and inferences
Estimation Equations of lines Volume of a cube, cylinder, box Probability
Rational numbers Patterns Pythagorean theory and properties of right, isosceles, equilateral triangles
Sequences and series Absolute value Properties of parallel and perpendicular lines
Coordinate geometry


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