About Katy Independent School District, Texas

Katy ISD is a public school district lying within the boundaries of the City of Houston, the City of Katy and their municipalities. The district serves some 70,330 students in grades PK, K-12 and has an average student-teacher ratio of 15 to 1. Katy ISD students perform above average on nationally normed tests in math and reading. 

The Katy Independent School District excels in bringing its students skills to stand out in life. Their alumni are constantly encouraged in a friendly environment. Adapting through open-mindedness, time management, persistence, problem solving, and learning new coping skills. The 

Students learn about problem solving using their critical thinking and analytical skills. The school focuses its resources towards mutual collaboration, innovation, and perseverance. Classes are taught maintaining the principles of active listening, digital integration, oral presentations, non-verbal interactions, understanding the audience, writing, and of course, civility.

Katy ISD's Goals

Both professional and student learning are aimed to improve constantly based on performance. They work in collaborative teams to boost their high performance and social skills. Another important priority at the Katy ISD is their commitment to a safe and secure environment for students and staff.

Providing a comfortable learning experience is among its top priorities. This is one of the reasons for its high student-to-teacher ratio. In general, students may encounter certain difficulties when they learn all the different subjects at school, some of the most common being math and science. The Katy ISD has an interesting approach and aims to help all its students by constantly improving its methods.

Students are constantly engaged in school plans, either extracurricular programs (that undergo a special application) or summer opportunities in order to improve their education.

Gifted and Talented Services in Katy ISD

Katy ISD offers GT services to students in grades K-12. Elementary school students participate in Challenge, a one-day-per-week pull out program where students work with a specially trained teacher on an advanced curriculum. Kindergarten students screened for Challenge participate in a 1 hour per week program and continue to the elementary school program in 1st grade. In secondary school, GT services are based on a student's aptitude in particular subject areas. Services are offered in four subject areas: English, Math, Science and Social Studies.  

Foreign Exchange Program

Normally, the TEA (Texas Education Agency) requires schools to accept a certain number of foreign exchange students. However, as a result of the rapid growth in the state of Texas, the Katy ISD has been given a special permission to limit this number to only seven students per year. This acceptance is given on a "first-come first-served" basis, and with the assumption that the foreign exchange students fulfills all the criteria, the application process is in order, and all the necessary documentation for enrollment has been submitted.

The goal of the Katy ISD is to create opportunities for foreign exchange students (that is to say international students) to experience, participate and enjoy quality educational programs, meet and interact with other students in many different fields, and most importantly, become more fluent in spoken (as well as written) English. The idea is to involve different cultures together, learn from one another, and create an environment that allows everyone the chance to enjoy, learn, and live an educational experience to remember. 

Summer Programs

The Katy ISD offers a variety of summer programs for its students. Among them, courses in virtual learning, courses and credit recovery programs, and re-test opportunities for the STAAR test. You can check out some of the conditions to sign up for any of the summer programs at the Katy ISD.

Screening for GT Services in Katy ISD

Screening for Gifted and Talented programs in Katy ISD is based on multiple criteria, including parent and teacher referrals as well as a series of ability and achievement tests. Students who receive parent and teacher referrals are tested at their local school in the fall of each year. Katy ISD gifted tests are based on such nationally administered tests as the CogAT, NNAT and OLSAT. 

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