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Are you a student or parent of a student preparing to take the Texas Success Initiative (TSI)? TestPrep-Online has the resources you need to succeed on the test. Our TSI practice pack includes practice tests, questions and test info ensuring you have everything you need to succeed on test day. 
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About the TSI

The Texas Success Initiative, or TSI is a state mandated test in Texas that all students looking to apply to college must take in order to enroll. The TSI tests in three areas: math, reading, and writing. Your scores help colleges determine your knowledge level in these areas as well as how prepared you are for college.

TSI Scores

In 2016, the minimum scores for the TSI were the following:

Test Minimum Score
Reading 351
Writing Essay score of 5 or 4 and a multiple choice score of 363

If you score below the minimum, you may be asked to complete some developmental education coursework before continuing with your college application.

TSI Tests

The TSI is comprised three sections: reading, writing and math.

Math Section

The math section consists of about 50 questions in a range or areas :
  • Elementary and intermediate algebra
  • Geometry and measurements
  • Data analysis and statistics
You are not allowed to use a calculator.

Reading Section

The reading section contains between 35-40 questions, each of which relates to a provided text. The questions focus on the following areas:
  • Literary analysis
  • Identifying main ideas and supporting details
  • Inferences in a text or texts
  • Author’s use of language

Writing Section

The writing section is comprised of two parts. In the first part, you are given a writing prompt and asked to write an essay in response. The second part contains 35 multiple choice questions on the following areas:
  • Essay revision
  • Agreement
  • Sentence structure
  • Sentence logic

The TSI Process

In addition to the test itself, students must also take part in a mandatory pre-assessment activity where the details of the test are explained and some sample questions are provided.

Preparing for the TSI - Why it’s Important

The state of Texas wants to make sure that each and every student applying to college is college ready. The TSI is the instrument they use to determine this without passing the TSI, you cannot begin the next step in your education. While the information on the TSI is all knowledge you should have learned in school, it is still very important to prepare, as so much depends on the results of this test. With the right preparation, you will review everything you need to know and also understand the ins and outs of multiple choice tests.

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The TSI is your ticket to college, and TestPrep-Online is here to help! With full-length practice tests, detailed answers explanations, and study guides, studying for the TSI has never been easier. Start preparing for the TSI with TestPrep-Online's practice materials today.

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