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ABC German School Test Prep 2018

Prepare for upcoming gifted and talented testing at the ABC German School, Bellevue. Get CogAT practice tests, Iowa Assessment preparation materials, and information on gifted and talented assessments. Go Premium for access to all our practice tests and questions now!
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About the ABC German School

The ABC German School is a German language immersion school in Eastside Seattle. The school is part of the Bellevue School District. In addition to language classes for ages 5–16, the school offers Preschool and Pre–K services with German as the main spoken and taught language.

The school is open to children of all backgrounds and languages, and bases its educational philosophy on the notion that knowledge of a second language has broad ranging educational advantages. Aiming to encourage children's love of learning, the school attempts to create a positive educational experience for children, based on principles of creativity and discovery.

About the Bellevue School District

The Bellevue School District is located in King County, Washington. Bellevue has consistently been one of the State's top performing school districts, with several schools ranked as among the top schools nationwide. In the years 2014–15, Bellevue served 19,456 students from the City of Bellevue, Clyde Hill, Medina, Hunts Point, Beaux Arts, Newcastle, Kirkland, Redmond, and unincorporated King County.

The district contains 15 regular elementary schools, one Spanish Immersion elementary school, one Mandarin dual language elementary school, five regular middle schools, four regular high schools, and two choice schools (grades 6–12).

Gifted and Talented Programs in Bellevue School District

The district's gifted and talented program offers differentiated learning to students who can benefit from an advanced program in various school subject areas. The program provides services to students enrolled in Bellevue schools, and to home schooled/private school children based on individual parent applications.

Students are either placed in a self-contained school program with other gifted peers or remain in their own school and receive special instruction. Kindergarten students in need of gifted services are provided specialized instruction at their neighbourhood school.

Gifted and Talented Program Screening in the Bellevue School District

Bellevue School District's gifted programs are designed to meet the needs of students who are academically performing in the 98th percentile and above as compared to their peers. Kindergarten students are observed for gifted characteristics and are assessed on writing and math skills. Students in grades 1–11 are selected for gifted services through the administration of the CogAT 7 test, STAR Assessments, and Iowa Assessments.

CogAT Testing in the Bellevue School District

The CogAT is a learning ability test that assesses students' reasoning skills. The test focuses on three areas of ability: verbal reasoning, nonverbal or figural reasoning, and quantitative reasoning. Rather than testing any pre-given curriculum, the test measures learning and problem solving skills. The CogAT is a norm referenced test, and is averaged nationally. The test is commonly used to identify students for gifted and talented programs.
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STAR Assessments in the Bellevue School District

STAR Assessments are a series of computerized adaptive tests which measure students' abilities in reading and math. Throughout the test, the difficulty level of questions is automatically adjusted in accordance with students' responses. The tests are commonly administered to monitor progress and achievement in grades K–12. Results are standardized and compared to a national norm.

The IOWA Assessments in the Bellevue School District

The Iowa Assessments (previously the Iowa Test of Basic Skills or ITBS) are administered in K–12 education. The assessments are a series of standardized achievement tests that measure basic skills as well as higher order thinking skills. The assessment is comprised of various subtests in Math, Language Arts, Science, reading and Social Studies.

CogAT and Iowa Test Prep for Gifted Programs

Admission to gifted and talented programs can have important benefits for students. Screening tests for these programs are increasingly competitive. It is therefore important to help students perform to the best of their abilities in these early 'high stakes' tests. To do so, we have created a special package of practice materials that parents and teachers can use to help children familiarize themselves with test formats and improve their testing skills.
Our practice packages are the perfect tool for students preparing to take the CogAT and Iowa Assessments. We advise on preparing well in advance of testing. Start now with CogAT practice tests or learning more about our best-selling 3rd grade Iowa Assessments & ITBS practice tests.

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