Ariav Schlesinger

TestPrep-Online’s expert for school assessments

Ariav has been working as a school assessments test developer at TestPrep-Online since 2019 and has over 10 years’ experience as an educator, including numerous teaching and tutoring positions in various institutions. He also holds a master’s degree in Education.

Ariav is the team’s expert in assessments aimed at measuring progress in school studies. These assessments are based on knowledge acquired in school throughout the years, especially in English Language Arts and Mathematics. In recent years, such assessments have also become a key tool in screening applicants for many schools around the world.

Ariav oversees the development of our most popular preparation packs for school assessments: NWEA MAP, Renaissance STAR, and the CAT4 Test. He has a distinguished skill in developing practice materials for various topics, with a particular expertise in English Language Usage, Reading Comprehension, and Verbal Reasoning.

In addition to developing preparation packs, Ariav has been tutoring many students online for their exams. He tailors the focus of the lessons to the students’ individual needs, explains the relevant material with relatable and engaging techniques, and integrates active practice throughout the lessons. Ariav specializes in tutoring for school assessments, but also has experience in preparing for Gifted Tests, Cognitive Abilities Tests, and tests for higher education.

Feel free to contact Ariav at for any questions. If you are interested in tutoring, click here to schedule a 15-minute free consultation call with him.

Ariav’s Most Popular Pages:


* MAP Test Guidance for Teachers

* iReady Test

* Renaissance STAR Assessment

* CogAT

* Johns Hopkins CTY SCAT 


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