About Cascadia Elementary School, Seattle, WA

Cascadia Elementary School is a Seattle-based Highly Capable Cohort, a specialized school designed to meet the needs of gifted students. Students who qualify for Seattle School District Highly Capable programs in grades 1-8 may choose between their designated program at their area school and an alternate Highly Capable Cohort at their HCC pathway school. Cascadia is one such school and caters to highly capable students in grades 1-5, providing a challenging curriculum of classes incorporating technology, science and art. Cascadia also aims to offer gifted students emotional support and an atmosphere of social inclusion and diversity. The school is among the highest rated elementary schools in Washington and has moved to a new building in Licton Springs.

About Seattle Public Schools District

Seattle Public Schools District is Washington's largest K-12 education system. The district caters to some 53,000 students enrolled in 103 local schools, and employs 6000 teachers. The four year graduation rate is 79%. Seattle District is home to several of Washington's highest rated elementary schools and high schools. The district offers Highly Capable Services for identified students as well as an Advanced Learning/Spectrum program for students who have been evaluated and selected for an enhanced curriculum in reading or mathematics. Highly Capable students are offered places on self contained programs with a significantly accelerated curriculum in reading, math, science, and social studies. 

Education in the Highly Capable pathway allows gifted students to learn at a pace and to a depth that fits their academic potential. Upon completing eighth grade, students who have learned in the Highly Capable pathway are in excellent position to continue their education in fast-paced, college level Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate programs in high school. 

Admission to Cascadia Highly Capable Cohort

Cascadia is a Highly Capable Cohort (HCC), meaning that to be admitted Students must be identified as highly capable through the district's screening process. Once qualified, an HC-eligible student must apply for the Highly Capable Cohort (HCC) program. To be identified as highly capable in Seattle District, students first take the CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test). Those students whose CogAT scores are in the 94th percentile or above, district-wide, are either invited to take the ITBS or Iowa Test of Basic Skills or assessed based on their existing achievement test scores.

Testing for Cascadia Highly Capable Cohort

Testing for Cascadia Highly Capable Cohort is a two stage process. Students initially take the Cognitive Abilities Test or CogAT. The CogAT aims to measure students' basic reasoning skills and problem solving abilities in several areas: verbal, non-verbal and quantitative. To learn more about this test, head over to our CogAT page

Students who score in the 94th percentile or above on the CogAT are invited to schedule further achievement testing and take the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. The ITBS is an achievement test, meaning it measures skills learned in school. To learn more about the ITBS and find out how you can help your child prepare, check out our ITBS page.   

Start preparing for the CogAT now! Choose the correct level for your child from the list below:

CogAT Practice Packs

ITBS Practice Packs

Prepare for Cascadia Elementary School Admissions Testing with Test-Prep Online

Cascadia's Highly Capable Cohort is one of the highest rated elementary school programs in Washington and offers students an opportunity to benefit from a unique educational environment. Only students who score in the top percentiles on the ITBS and CogAT are offered the chance to join the Highly Capable Cohort. If you believe your child can benefit from Highly Capable programs or from Advanced Learning, it is vital to help him or her prepare well ahead of test day. Since the CogAT and ITBS are different from the tests your child is used to seeing in school, preparation is essential for your child to perform to his or her full potential. Familiarizing children with test questions can help reduce anxiety and improve performance on these critical tests.  To start preparing now, check out our CogAT and ITBS test prep packs.

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