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Prepare your child for the Canadian Cognitive Abilities Test (CCAT) with our fun, interactive online CogAT study packs. Get hundreds of CogAT questions and full-length practice tests. Are you looking for the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT)?

CCAT Level 5/6 Premium
236 Questions & Answers (2 full-length Tests)
  • Kindergarten, 10 month license
CCAT Level 7 Premium
272 Questions & Answers (2 full-length Tests)
  • 1st grade, 10 month license
CCAT Level 8 Premium
308 Questions & Answers (2 full-length Tests)
  • 2nd grade, 10 month license
CCAT Level 9 Premium
340 Questions & Answers (2 full-length Tests)
  • 3rd grade, 10 month license
CCAT Level 10 Premium
352 Questions & Answers (2 full-length Tests)
  • 4th grade, 10 month license
CCAT Level 11 Premium
352 Questions & Answers (2 full-length Tests)
  • 5th grade, 10 month license

CCAT Level 12 Premium Pack - $69

CCAT Level 5/6 Basic Pack - $49

CCAT Level 7 Basic Pack - $49

CCAT Level 8 Basic Pack - $49

CCAT Level 9 Basic Pack - $49

CCAT Level 10 Basic Pack - $49

CCAT Level 11 Basic Pack - $49

CCAT Level 12 Basic Pack - $49

Free CCAT Sample Questions

TestPrep-Online's free CCAT sample questions* will enable your child to understand the types of questions that appear on the CCAT. Each sample test is followed by answers and detailed explanations for each question.
*The CCAT and the CogAT are the same test, as are TestPrep-Online's free sample questions 

CCAT Practice Tests

TestPrep-Online provides CCAT practice packs which include realistic and full-length tests, which are thoroughly developed by academically trained test writers to simulate the actual CCAT test. Each question in the CCAT practice packs is followed by a detailed explanation. 

The CCAT, like the CogAT, is a used to assess cognitive development. It is frequently used to evaluate children for gifted and talented programs. Read more about the CogAT and frequently asked questions about the CogAT.

Hear What Parents Have to Say

"I loved how quickly I was able to access the tests after purchasing the product and how easy it was to use! It familiarized my daughter with the format of the test, allowing her to feel calm for the test."
Margaret, MD (CogAT 9 Basic) - January 2015

"My 3rd grade daughter was recommended to take the CogAT. She is very analytical and we loved the explanations as they helped her to understand the material. I have already recommended TestPrep-Online to other parents as it is a helpful tool and less expensive than a private tutor."
Aminata, TX (CogAT 9 Premium) - March 2015

"Thank you, TestPrep-Online! You really helped my daughter - she scored in the 95th percentile on the NYC G&T test and I will definitely use your website again for my other daughter. The website was easy to use and my daughter felt very prepared - she even finished the test early!"
Gina, NY (NYC G&T Level A, Premium) - April 2015

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We are proud to provide high quality products for a low price. Your child does not need expensive classes or tutors to excel on a gifted children's test. Each of our quality preparation kits includes hundreds of questions and study guides, and are competitively priced. Additionally, our online format allows you and your child to practice whenever, and wherever, you want. What are you waiting for?

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"The practice pack was great! The practice tests helped my son feel prepared for the test. We found that the site was easy to use and I would recommend to other parents."
Anonymous, NY (OLSAT B Premium) 
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