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Cherry Crest Elementary School Test Practice: the CogAT

Prepare for upcoming CogAT testing at Cherry Crest Elementary with gifted and talented practice tests and questions. Help your child improve testing skills and master the CogAT!

About Cherry Crest Elementary School, Bellevue, WA

Cherry Crest Elementary School is part of Bellevue School District and is one of the highest rated elementary schools in Washington. The school caters to over 500 students in grades K–5, and the student: teacher ratio is 1:15. 

About Bellevue School District, WA

Bellevue School District is one of the highest rated public school districts in the U.S., with several high schools and elementary school programs consistently ranked among the nation's best. The district includes 28 schools, of which 15 are elementary schools. Students in kindergarten through fifth grade attend elementary school. Students in grades six through eight attend middle school. Students in grades 9–12 attend high school. Most Bellevue teachers hold a Master's degree or higher qualification.  

Cherry Crest Elementary Gifted Program

Cherry Crest Elementary offers a self-contained gifted program for qualifying students. Services include an accelerated and advanced curriculum in core subject areas. The program also benefits gifted students by offering placement in classes with like ability peers. To qualify for admission, elementary school students take the CogAT or Cognitive Abilities Test. The screening process also takes into consideration students' existing STAR Assessments scores in math and reading. 

Cherry Crest Elementary Gifted Tests 

The CogAT is a learning abilities test, which measures students' reasoning and problem solving skills. The test is comprised of three "batteries" or subtests: a verbal battery, a nonverbal battery and a quantitative battery. Together, these segments aim to assess children's potential as learners, apart from any materials learned in school. In Bellevue district, testing usually takes place in December–January.

Students scoring in the top percentiles are selected for gifted programs. Bellevue district also considers students' existing scores on STAR Assessments as part of the admissions process for gifted programs. The STAR assessments are usually administered as part of the standard school program. Want to learn more about the CogAT? Check out our free sample questions.

Start preparing for the CogAT now! Choose the correct level for your child from the list below:

Prepare for Cherry Crest Gifted Tests

The CogAT is different from other tests your child is used to encountering in school. To help children perform to their highest ability on the CogAT, it is therefore important to familiarise them with test questions well in advance of the testing period. Preparing for gifted tests can help students overcome anxiety and develop testing skills. To gain access to hundreds of test questions and prep materials today, check out our CogAT prep packs!

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