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Derek (aged 10)
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About the 3rd Grade CogAT & NWEA MAP Tests

  3rd Grade CogAT Test 3rd Grade MAP Test
Number of Sections 3 3
Number of Questions 154 146

About the 3rd Grade CogAT Test

The Cognitive Abilities Test, or CogAT, is one of the most nationally recognized forms of gifted testing for reasoning and verbal skills in elementary schools. Because of its widespread use, scores are even evaluated on a percentile stance- comparing to other students who took the exam (find out more about CogAT scoring). It is therefore highly recommended that parents and educators are both familiar with the test and are aware of how to best prepare test-takers.The CogAT Form 7 3rd Grade, or CogAT Form 7 Level 9, contains three batteries (verbal, nonverbal, and quantitative), each containing 3 subsections. The scores administered at this level include raw score, universal scale score, standard age score, percentile rank, and stanine

About the 3rd Grade NWEA MAP Test

The MAP Growth Test, or Measure of Academic Progress, is one of the leading tests in the nation in assessing a student’s academic growth and progress both subjectively and objectively. Many schools have also began requiring MAP scores for admission to gifted programs. It is therefore recommended to prepare your child for the exam as thoroughly as possible.

The NWEA MAP Test for 3rd Grade contains three sections- math, language usage, and reading.
To calculate maps scores, the NWEA uses the RIT Scale, or the Rasch Unit Scale. The end goal of the RIT scoring system is to create a scale tailored to the student’s personal academic abilities and based on his or her past exam scores.

CogAT & NWEA MAP Language Sections - Grade 3

Verbal Reading
  Language Usage

MAP Test Practice 3rd Grade- Reading

The 3rd Grade MAP Reading Test contains approximately 42 multiple-choice questions and is based off reading comprehension of both informal and formal texts. In addition, there is a foundational skills and vocabulary section which requires students to identify qualities such as synonyms, antonyms, and syllables.

MAP Test Practice 3rd Grade- Language Usage

The 3rd Grade MAP Language Usage Test contains about 52 questions, and based on the student’s understanding of foundations and elements of language. The subsections include the following:

  • Grammar: forms, tenses, structures, spelling
  • Mechanics: punctuation identification and use
  • Writing application and style: identification and response to composition formWriting strategy: writing methods and process

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CogAT Test practice 3rd grade- Verbal Battery

The CogAT Verbal Battery for Level 9 (3rd Grade) contains 62 questions. Its goal is to assess students’ verbal abilities through vocabulary use, recognition, and memory:

  • Sentence completion- completing a missing word in a sentence
  • Picture/verbal classification- completing pattern in series of words
  • Picture/verbal analogies- identifying a pattern in one pair of words and using this as an analogy to complete a missing word in another given pair of words.

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CogAT & NWEA MAP Math Sections -Grade 3

Quantitative Math


MAP Test Practice 3rd Grade- Math

The 3rd Grade MAP Math Test contains approximately 52 questions and focuses on mathematical concepts drawn from the Common Core. This can include topics such as geometry, algebra, and problem-solving abilities.

CogAT test practice 3rd grade- Quantitative Battery

The CogAT Form 7 level 9 Quantitative Battery contains 52 questions. Its goal is to directly evaluate the test-taker’s mathematical abilities in the form of abstract reasoning and problem-solving.

The test is comprised of the following sections: Number series, number puzzles, and number analogies.

CogAT Test Practice 3rd Grade- Nonverbal Battery

Like the Quantitative Battery, the Nonverbal Battery focuses primarily on logic and reasoning. The difference, however, is that here it is done through spatial and figural content.

The sections included are figural matrices, paper folding, and figural classification.

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Why the CogAT MAP Bundle Pack?

If your child is taking any one of these tests to get into a specific program, s/he is not alone. The fact of that matter is that gifted and talented programs are becoming more and more competitive, Many schools have more than one test for acceptance. By preparing your child for both exams, you are covering more ground, as well as ensuring that your third-grader’s capabilities are demonstrated in as many ways as possible. Since CogAT and MAP are two of the most widely used Gifted and Talented Assessment Exams, why waste time preparing for only one?

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