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College Admissions Test Practice: Basic Exam Preparation 2018

Get English, math, and reading comprehension prep for 2018 tests. Got a test coming up? Start preparing now with our online practice packs and study guides.

College Admissions Bundle: All Tests
1258 Q&A for English, math & reading comprehension & 10 study guides.
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College Admissions English Test Practice
401 Q&A & two study guides covering synonyms, vocabulary, grammar & spelling.
  • License For 6 Months
College Admissions Math Test Practice
467 questions covering algebra, numerical reasoning, trigonometry, and arithmetic.
  • License For 6 Months
College Admissions Reading Comprehension Practice
10 reading comprehension tests comprising a total of 390 questions and answers.
  • License For 6 Months

About the Math, Reading Comprehension, and English Writing Tests

If you are planning to take a standardized test, a placement test, or any other sort of aptitude test, chances are you will come across reading, writing, and math questions. These questions are not designed to require extra knowledge, but rather to test what you have already learned. Each testing format varies, but more often than not, these assessments consist of multiple-choice, short answers, and fill in the blanks.

Below is a summary of what you can expect in each section:
Even if you are, or were, a strong student in any of these subjects, it is important to prepare for any test. Since many of the questions are based on information you’ve learned in the past, a lot of it may not be as clear to you as it was before. To strengthen your familiarity with the knowledge and skills required for these types of tests, practice and revision is highly recommendable.

Improve Your Basic Skills with TestPrep-Online!

Before you start trying to learn any new skills or information, it is important to revise what you have already learned. TestPrep-Online offers a variety of basic practice packs, giving you the opportunity to practice with actual test-like material under actual test-like circumstances.

Each pack includes hundreds of questions, on a variety of different topics. Want to strengthen all your skills across English, math, and reading comprehension topics? Try our College Admissions Bundle Pack, which includes all the questions we offer, together with detailed explanations and a variety of study guides.

With the packs’ online format, you are free to study wherever you’d like, whenever you’d like.

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