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HAIS Houston Private Schools & the OLSAT

Many private schools in Houston require various testing for admission purposes. Learn more about the Houston private school admission process and the required testing.
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Testing for Houston Private Schools

Several private schools in Houston and its surrounding area require different testing from the HISD Vanguard programs. The OLSAT, ISEE, and/or HSPT are frequently required by these schools. Often, these schools utilize a combination of two out of three of these exams (usually the OLSAT and ISEE).

The exams are generally administered in mid-January, primarily to students in the 5th-8th grade. However, some schools do require students in other grades to take one or more of these tests for admission purposes.

Program and Schools

Houston Area Independent Schools (HAIS) includes nearly 90 of Houston’s private schools. It is a a non-profit association throughout Houston and its surrounding area. The schools which are associated with HAIS are either accredited by TEPSAC (Texas Private School Accreditation Commission) or by a religious organization. Both preparatory schools as well as religious schools are members of HAIS and include educational opportunities for students from preschool through the 12th grade.

Preparing for Placement Testing

The OLSAT and ISEE are difficult tests. These tests will play an important role in your child’s admission to the best private schools in Houston, therefore, it is essential to help your child prepare the OLSAT. TestPrep-Online offers study packs for the OLSAT, which include easy to use, child-friendly study materials for your child. Each study pack includes practice tests, helpful study guides, and hundreds of additional practice questions.

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