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3rd Grade Iowa Assessments (ITBS)

Prepare your third grader for the Iowa Assessments or ITBS tests today. Choose from three different practice packs, each tailored to meet your child’s needs. If your child is taking the ITBS and CogAT as part of his or her admissions process to a gifted program, use our ITBS and CogAT Bundle. For end-of-year testing, choose our 3rd Grade Math Pack, or our most popular pack, the comprehensive 3rd Grade Pack, available when you click "Get It Now" below.
3rd Grade Iowa Assessment (ITBS) Practice Pack

Over 800 questions with answer explanations, including two full-length practice tests.


The Iowa Assessments for 3rd Grade is administered as Level 9. Though this is still one of the earlier levels of the test, much of the test's content and format is similar to Levels 10–14 (grades 4–8). The Iowa Assessment Level 9 is a standardized test used to track student progress, and as part of the screening process for gifted programs.

All of the Iowa Assessment tests are used in alignment with Iowa's Core Curriculum, which aims to prepare students for their future academic advancements and careers. Level 9 of the Iowa Assessments examines students in areas necessary for the average third grader's future.

Iowa Assessments (ITBS) and CogAT 3rd Grade Bundle

Are you considering entering your child into a gifted program? If so, preparation for the admissions test is highly recommended. You can help your child to familiarize himself or herself with the test material and questions types. Your child can also practice answering challenging questions while under time pressure. This will help your child perform to his or her very best.

If your child is due to take the Iowa Assessments (ITBS) and CogAT as part of his or her admissions process, we have the preparation materials to to help you help your child. We have combined our 3rd grade (Level 9) CogAT practice tests with our 3rd grade (Level 9) Iowa Assessments and ITBS questions. This combination is a great opportunity for your child to practice all the subjects and questions they will need to master to do well on the admissions tests.

We are currently developing more gifted packs for different grades and programs. If you have a specific requirement, please contact us directly. We would be happy to try to accommodate your needs.

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ITBS and Iowa Assessments 3rd Grade Complete Pack

For complete preparation, your child will benefit from over 800 practice questions that cover the core battery test, as well as the listening and word analysis subtests. We also include over 250 math enrichment problems, which are questions specially written to supplement your child’s learning in a fun and engaging way. Your child can use our audio instructions for the listening and word analysis subtests. He or she will also begin to understand the question types better, with the help of solving tips and step-by-step answer explanations to guide his or her learning.

We are currently developing more end-of-year practice packs for different grades. If you are looking for a specific product, please contact us directly. We would be happy to help you further.

ITBS and Iowa Assessments Math Pack 3rd Grade

If you are looking for ways to improve your child’s math scores, look no further. With over 300 practice questions, including two-full length math and computation tests, our preparation pack offers a great way for your child to practice and improve his or her score. Help your child advance to the top of their class with our practice pack. Our child-friendly questions come with easy-to-understand explanations, as well as solving tips for each question type.

We are currently developing more subject-specific practice packs for different grades. For further information, or if you require a specific test, please contact us directly. We would be happy to help you find the best practice for your child’s needs.

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3rd Grade (Level 9) Iowa Assessments & ITBS Test Format

The 2017 Iowa Assessments Level 9 assesses students in five main areas: Language Arts, Reading, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Each subtest is further broken down into sub-categories. Language Arts, for example, includes sections like Written Expression, Vocabulary, Writing Conventions, Word Analysis, and Listening. The Reading section is administered in two separate parts, each spanning over 30 minutes. The following table gives a general overview of the Iowa Assessments subtest breakdown. Every level of the Iowa Assessments can be given in its entirety, or administered as individual subtests.

Subject Area Administration time

30 + 30

Written Expression



30 + 30



Social Studies












Word Analysis




*Two separate sessions

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3rd Grade Iowa Assessments Level 9 Test Scores

Each subtest has its own benchmarks and domains that students are meant to reach. Students are scored using predetermined proficiency levels set forth by the University of Iowa's Board of Education in alignment with Iowa's Core Curriculum. The proficiency levels range from Not Proficient (NP) to Advanced (A), with Proficient (P) as the average marker.

The National Standard Score (NSS) ranks your child compared to the average third grader. These scores correspond with Proficient level standards for third grade students across the United States. For a more extensive explanation of how the Iowa Assessments is scored, visit our Iowa Assessments Scores page.

How to Prepare for the 2017 Iowa Assessments

Whatever your child’s needs, choose from our selection of practice packs to ensure he or she is ready for the Iowa Assessments and ITBS tests. If you are not sure which test is best suited for your child’s needs, you are welcome to contact us directly, and we will gladly help you as best we can. Frequently, parents purchase a Premium Membership and get access to all the tests. Whichever pack you choose for your child, know that our preparation packs for end-of-year, math only, and gifted tests offer extensive preparation, designed to ensure your child's success.

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"The questions in this study pack were very similar in style to what appeared on the actual test. I would definitely recommend this product to other parents."  
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"Overall, I liked the structure of the questions and the option to use the tests in timed or step-by-step mode. The drills were helpful and allowed me to assess my daughter's strengths and weaknesses. This product allowed my daughter to go into the test knowing what to expect. It was also great that I just needed to pay one time for a ten-month license!"  
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