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PARCC Test New Mexico

Students in New Mexico are tested annually with the PARCC assessments. The results of the PARCC are important for both students and schools since they advance accountability, help teachers spot students in need of extra practice, and keep parents informed of their child's progress. New Mexico employs the PARCC to measure students' problem solving, critical thinking, and application of the learned material. The PARCC Math test requires students to express mathematical reasoning and mathematical principles to solve real-world problems and construct mathematical arguments. The PARCC ELA test assesses students' ability to comprehend a range of complex texts independently as well as to write effectively using coherent language and clear reasoning.

Most schools administer the PARCC on a computer, but some use paper based tests.

PARCC Scores New Mexico

The PARCC score reports are given to parents and guardians during summer time. You will be given two separate yet similar reports about student performance in English language arts/literacy and mathematics. 

The PARCC reports contain several scores. The overall scale score is a standardized number from 650 to 850. The overall scale indicates a level between 1 to 5 that marks the student's readiness for the next grade level. Level 1,2 and 3 indicates the students may need additional help before graduating and levels 4,5 indicates that the student is ready.

Another scores that appear are the average of school, district and state. These scores help assessing students performance compared to the average overall score of the school/district or state. 

The PARCC report presents Probable Range, which estimates how students would perform if they were to retake the test several times. The student's score would fall within the standard error of measurement of the previous score.

In New Mexico passing PARCC with a score of level 3 or above is part of the graduation requirement. Colleges are working toward incorporating PARCC scores as a placement tool. Moreover, PARCC scores are being used to highlight difficulties and offer students tailored remedial instructions. 

PARCC Sections

The PARCC test is comprised of three ELA units and four Math units. The time per unit changes with the grade, as can be seen in the following table:

Grade ELA Unit 1 ELA Unit 2 ELA Unit 3 Math Unit 1 Math Unit 2 Math Unit 3 Math Unit 4
3 90 min 75 min 90 min 60 min 60 min 60 min 60 min
4-5 90 min 90 min 90 min 60 min 60 min 60 min 60 min
6-8 110 min 110 min 90 min 80 min 80 min 80 min X
9-11 110 min 110 min 90 min 90 min 90 min 90 min X
Math Units X X X 90 min 90 min 90 min X

*Note: Your school may follow a different timetable, but these are the recommended times per section.

How PARCC Scores Affect Students in New Mexico

PARCC scores have various implications for students, teachers, and teaching methods.

Students: The PARCC was established as part of the graduation requirements in 2016. The class of 2016 needed a minimum score of 3 (approached expectation) on the PARCC to meet graduation requirements. Students who failed to do so on their first try were given a chance to retest. Students who failed all chances to pass the PARCC could still graduate using the “Alternate Demonstrations of Competency” (ADC), which is determined by individual districts.

Teachers: From 2016 onward, PARCC will account for, at the most, 11% of a teacher’s total evaluation score. By 2018, the PARCC accounted for, at the most, 35% of a teacher's total evaluation score. The PARCC scores also affect schools' rankings.

Teaching Methods: PARCC scores are used to identify areas of strength and weakness. Teachers may use this knowledge to offer students the extra practice and instruction they need to be successful. Parents can also use this information to coordinate a plan with a student's teachers to help him or her improve. Note that the decision of if a student should repeat a grade is up to the school and the local district. The PARCC serves as a valuable tool that provides teachers and schools with objective information about how a student is progressing academically, but failing to pass it does not mean a student will be held back a year. Read more about the PARCC scores.

New Mexico PARCC Practice Pack - Online

The PARCC tests assess students' understanding of taught material rather than superficial facts. Students are asked to apply mathematical reasoning and to analyze texts to solve problems, a thought process that requires practice to master. Since the PARCC plays a significant role in influencing your child's future, it is vital to spend time preparing for it. 

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