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What do my PARCC scores mean?

The meaning and use of PARCC change in each state. In New Jersey and New Mexico, for example, passing PARCC scores (3 and above) are part of the graduation requirements, while in other states, such as Illinois, the PARCC scores are not part of the graduation requirements. In most states, however, colleges are working toward incorporating PARCC scores as one of their placement tools, and in all states, PARCC scores are used to highlight challenging concepts and offer students tailored remedial instruction. It is best to check with your school if you aren't sure about the implications of the PARCC scores in your state. Either way, it is essential to prepare for the PARCC and pass it with a score of 3 or above.

PARCC Score Report

PARCC score reports divide students' scores into five different performance levels, each describing how well students met the expectations for their grade level/course:

  • Level 1 – Did not yet meet expectations. Represented by a down arrow.
  • Level 2 – Partially met expectations. Represented by a down arrow.
  • Level 3 – Approached expectations. This is the minimum score students need to achieve to pass the PARCC. Represented by a bidirectional arrow.
  • Level 4 – Met expectations. Students who performed at level 4 and above have demonstrated readiness for the next grade level/course and, eventually, college and career. Represented by an up arrow.
  • Level 5 – Exceeded expectations. Represented by an up arrow.

Students' scores are listed per subject, along with the school, district, state, and cross-state average scores, in the score report.

PARCC Score Report

The purpose of the PARCC score report is to summarize student achievement, compare it with the State Standards, and indicates areas in need of improvement. The score report is sent directly to schools, so parents are advised to contact the school or local school district to find out about their child's performance. The PARCC score report contains valuable information regarding a student's performance:

  • Overall Scale Score: This is the numerical value that describes a student's performance. The raw score is weighed against a scale to allow for accurate comparison across test forms and administration years within a grade or course and content area.
    The PARCC scale scores range from 650 to 850 for all tests. area student is placed into one of the five performance levels based on his or her overall scale score.
  • Average of School, District, State, and Cross-State Scores: The average overall scale scores of the school, district, state, and cross-state are listed below the student's overall scale score. Teachers and parents can compare the student’s overall scale score to the average overall scale score of students at the school, district, state, and cross-state levels for the same grade level/course and content area.
  • Percentage of Students at Each Performance Level: Next to the school, district, state, and cross-state average scores, you can find the percentage of students who performed at each performance level.
  • Student Growth Percentile: The student growth percentile compares a student's performance to that of his or her academic peers within the state from the previous year. "Academic peers" are students in the state who took the same PARCC assessment and achieved a similar score on the previous year's test. For example, if a student's growth percentile is 10, this means the student scored better on the current grade's test than 10 percent of the students who scored similar to him or her on last year's test.
    Note that some states may not include the student growth percentile on individual student reports.
  • Probable Range: The probable range indicates how a student would perform if he or she were to retest. The student's new score would fall within the Standard Error of Measurement (SEM) of the previous score. This range takes into consideration all the possible factors that may influence the student’s score.
    Note that some states may not include the probable range on individual student reports.
  • Performance by Reporting Category: The score report includes two reporting categories for the ELA section: Reading and Writing. Each category has a separate scale score. PARCC Reading scale scores range from 10 to 90, while PARCC Writing scale scores range from 10 to 60. In addition to the scale scores, the score report also lists the sub-claims per category along with a performance indicator to represent how well the student performed in each sub-claim.

PARCC Practice Pack - Online

The PARCC tests assess students' understanding, reasoning, and critical thinking. Students are asked to apply mathematical concepts and to analyze texts to solve problems, a thought process that requires practice to master. Since the PARCC plays a significant role in shaping your child's academic career, it is vital to spend time preparing for it. TestPrep-Online's PARCC preparation packs contain PARCC practice tests, study guides, and detailed answer explanations, all of which will help prepare your child for the PARCC. 

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