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PARCC Test New Jersey

New Jersey employs the PARCC to measure students' ability to understand concepts rather than memorize facts. The PARCC Math test requires students to apply mathematical reasoning and mathematical principles to solve problems, while the PARCC ELA test requires students to read critically and analyze given texts, using evidence from the text to support their arguments.

PARCC Scores New Jersey

Most students who took the PARCC test performed better in 2016 than they did in the previous year on both the Math and the ELA tests. The table below lists the percentage of students who earned a score of 4 or 5 on the New Jersey PARCC exams:

Grades 2015 - ELA 2016 - ELA 2015 - Math 2016 - Math
Grade 3 43.5% 47.5% 44.9% 51.7%
Grade 4 51.1% 53.5% 40.6% 46.6%
Grade 5 51.5% 53.3% 41% 47.2%
Grade 6 48.8% 52.3% 40.8% 42.9%
Grade 7 51.6% 56.3% 36.8% 38.7%
Grade 8 51.6% 55.2% 23.5% 25.6%
Algebra I / Grade 9 39.8% 49% 36% 41.2%
Algebra II / Grade 10 36.6% 44.4% 23.9% 25.1%
Geometry / Grade 11 41% 40.1% 22.4% 27%

How PARCC Scores Affect Students in New Jersey

The PARCC scores are useful not only for the state but also for students and schools. Teachers may use this information to promote students to accelerated programs, and some colleges even use PARCC scores as one of their placement tools. Teachers can also use the information made accessible by the PARCC to spot students in need of remedial support.

In some districts, PARCC scores are used to determine 10% of their overall ratings for the corresponding school year. PARCC scores are also used to create performance reports for each school by the New Jersey Department of Education. These reports affect the rating of the school. Learn more about PARCC scores.

New Jersey Graduation Requirements

Classes 2017, 2018, and 2019 may graduate by achieving passing scores on high-level PARCC assessments. However, they may also pass the ACT, SAT, PSAT, Accuplacer, and ASVAB-AFQT tests, or use a student portfolio prepared by school districts or charter schools instead.

Students of the class of 2020 must take all PARCC high school assessments associated with courses in which they enrolled and received valid scores. However, they are also eligible to use multiple options to graduate aside from the PARCC exams.

For the class of 2021 and beyond, proficiency on the PARCC ELA for grade 10 and PARCC Algebra I exams will serve as a graduation requirement. Students who fail to earn a proficient score after multiple opportunities to take these two exams are eligible to use the portfolio appeal process to graduate. No other assessment may be used to meet the graduation requirements.

New Jersey PARCC Practice Pack - Online

The PARCC tests assess students' understanding of taught material rather than superficial facts. Students are asked to apply mathematical reasoning and to analyze texts to solve problems, a thought process that requires practice to master. Since the PARCC plays a significant role in influencing your child's future, it is vital to spend time preparing for it. TestPrep-Online's PARCC preparation packs contain PARCC practice tests, study guides, and detailed answer explanations, all of which will help prepare your child for the PARCC. 

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