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Note: the PARCC Practice Pack is NOT included in our Premium Membership.

Elementary School PARCC Test

Students are required to take the PARCC between April 3–May 12 if they take it online and between April 3–28 is they take it on paper. The PARCC contains two sections, Mathematics and English Language Arts (ELA), and seven units overall. Schools have a 30-day window to complete the testing, but most finish administering the PARCC assessments in a week or two.

  ELA Unit 1 ELA Unit 2 ELA Unit 3 Math Unit 1 Math Unit 2 Math Unit 3
Grade 3 90 min 75 min 90 min 60 min 60 min 60 min
Grade 4-5 90 min 90 min 90 min 60 min 60 min 60 min

PARCC Math Performance Level Descriptors

In each grade, students are expected to demonstrate a mastery of the key concepts taught during the school year. The performance levels require a change from grade to grade to match students' development and the rising complexity of the material. The increased difficulty guarantees a student is constantly challenged to better his or her mathematical reasoning and comprehension as well as ensures he or she is ready to face the requirements of the next grade.

Students should express grade-level appropriate mathematical reasoning by constructing viable arguments, critiquing the reasoning of others, and writing precise mathematical statements. Students should also be able to solve real-world problems by applying the knowledge and skills taught in their current and previous grades, reasoning abstractly and quantitatively, and using appropriate tools strategically. Read More about the PARCC Math test.

PARCC ELA PCR Scoring Rubric

Students are asked to write a response to a prompt while taking the PARCC ELA Test. The list below contains the standards expected of each student wishing to earn the maximum number of points per task:

  • Research Simulation Task and Literary Analysis Task – This task assesses two skills:
    • Reading Comprehension and Written Expression –
      • Third Grade: The student's response should address the prompt and provide accurate explanations, descriptions, or comparison. The student should develop the topic effectively and in an organized manner while considering the task, purpose, and audience. The student should use clear and coherent writing supported by relevant, text-based evidence.
      • Fourth–Fifth Grades: The student's response should be effectively organized, demonstrate full comprehension of the ideas presented in the text, and provide an accurate analysis. The student's response should address the prompt and develop the topic using clear reasoning supported by relevant, text-based evidence and coherent writing.
    • Knowledge of Language and Conventions – The student's response to the prompt should demonstrate full command of the conventions of standard English at an appropriate level of complexity. There may be a few minor errors in mechanics, grammar, and usage, but the overall meaning is clear.
  • Narrative Task (NT) – This task assesses two skills:
    • Written Expression – The student's response should be effectively developed with narrative elements and organized with clear and coherent writing.
    • Knowledge of Language and Conventions – The student's response to the prompt should demonstrate full command of the conventions of standard English at an appropriate level of complexity. There may be a few minor errors in mechanics, grammar, and usage, but the overall meaning is clear.

How to Pass the PARCC Test

Here are five tips to help your student ace the PARCC:

  • Practice, practice, and more practice. The PARCC assesses skill and knowledge as well as reasoning and understanding. The techniques and thinking processes assessed by the PARCC are not only relevant for your child's current grade, but also for his or her future college and career readiness. The surest way to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge is with practice. Try our practice pack now and start preparing today.
  • Address challenges early on. It is best to communicate freely and openly with your child's teachers, preferably early in the school year. Try to find out if your child is struggling with any of the topics he or she will later be tested on. This will help focus your child's practice routine. Keep monitoring your child's progress in school to note any struggles.
  • Read. The best way to expand vocabulary and enhance your child's reading comprehension is by introducing him or her to books that are both interesting and challenging. Gather your child's reading material from a variety of sources to introduce him or her to narrative, informative, and persuasive writing styles. Highlight and learn the definitions of new words. Pose challenging questions about the written materials and ask your child to support his or her arguments with text-based evidence.
  • Create a studying schedule. Your child should study a few hours each day to ensure mastery of the material on which he or she is being tested. The PARCC asks your child to adopt a holistic approach to solve the questions correctly. This approach is only possible to master with regular practice. A studying schedule will also ensure your child reviews all of the material relevant for the PARCC in an orderly and stress-free fashion.
  • Challenge the student. Find the concepts, techniques, or material that challenge your child and tackle them head on. Mastering a difficult concept will increase your child's confidence as well as improve his or her grade in the class. Once the student feels comfortable, challenge him or her with a new concept to keep the learning process invigorating and productive.

PARCC Practice Pack - Online

The PARCC ELA test assesses students' reading comprehension and accuracy by asking them thought-provoking questions about the texts. By requiring students to support their arguments with evidence from the text, the PARCC measures not only knowledge but also skill and reasoning. Since the PARCC plays a significant role in influencing your child's future, it is vital to spend time preparing for it. TestPrep-Online's PARCC preparation packs contain PARCC practice tests, study guides, and detailed answer explanations, all of which will help prepare your child for the PARCC.

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