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About SBAC for 11th Grade

The 11th grade SBACs are the only SBAC exams administered during high school. Like all SBAC exams, the test consists of an ELA section and a Mathematics section. However, unlike other SBAC exams, this SBAC exam is used my colleges to evaluate student placement and accreditation. Therefore, it is highly recommended to properly prepare your 11th grader for the test.

Content Claims for 11th Grade

The SBAC Test for 11th grade has a specific list of content claims—skills that the SBAC Board of Education believes are crucial components of college readiness. The SBAC Test is made up of an ELA test and a mathematics test. Below are the content claims designated for each test section:

  • English Language Arts/Literacy: Students at a college content-ready level in ELA must demonstrate the proper reading, writing, listening, and research skills necessary for introductory courses across numerous subject areas. They must also show subject-area knowledge as well as skills linked to readiness for entry-level, transferable, and credit-bearing English and composition courses.
  • Mathematics: Students at a college content-ready level in mathematics must be able to show foundational mathematical familiarity as well as the quantitative reasoning skills necessary for introductory courses across a number of subject areas. They must also show subject-area knowledge as well as skills linked with readiness for entry-level, transferable, and credit-bearing mathematics and statistics courses.


The SBAC ELA Test for 11th grade utilizes two testing methods: a performance task and a computer adaptive test (CAT). Both of these methods evaluate college readiness. The content areas covered in 11th grade remain the same as in the earlier stages of SBAC testing. Students are evaluated based on their reading, writing, listening, and research skills.

Reading questions require students to read complex literature forms and informational texts in order for them to demonstrate close and critical reading abilities.

Writing items are tested in the performance task section of the exam. Students are given a number of texts that they must interpret and provide analysis for by using examples and evidence from the text. They must also assess the strength of an author or speaker’s points and assumptions based on evidence from the text.

Research skills are tested in the performance task as well, as students are asked to use the given text as a basis for their writing creations and answers.

Listening items are spread throughout the CAT section. Texts or passages may be read to students at various points throughout the test, and they must demonstrate reasoning skills to correctly answer the multiple-choice questions that follow.

For more details about the ELA section, and for more SBAC practice, visit our SBAC ELA page


The main target areas that fall under the college readiness claim for 11th grade can be divided into four areas:

  • Concepts & procedures: students must apply mathematical concepts and procedures.
  • Problem-solving: students must demonstrate a mastery of appropriate problem-solving in accordance with test items.
  • Modeling/data analysis: students must use appropriate tools and techniques to solve real-world and mathematical problems.
  • Communicating reasoning: students must be able to demonstrate logical reasoning behind their choice of procedures and mathematical conclusions.

Like the ELA test, the SBAC Math Test is divided into a performance task section and a CAT section. For more information about these sections and what they entail, visit our SBAC Math page.

SBAC Score Standards for 11th Grade

SBAC Tests are scored based on how well a student adheres to the appropriate content claims and targets. Each test item has a target answer that students are meant to achieve. The total raw score received combines the numerical values given to each test item. These scores are referred to as scale scores, and they range between 2000 and 3000.

Once a student is assigned a scale score, he or she also receives an achievement level rank, ranging from 1–4. If a student receives an achievement level score of 3 or higher, he or she has demonstrated college and career readiness according to SBAC standards. For a detailed breakdown of achievement levels and scale scores, visit the Scores section of our SBAC Practice page.

SBAC for 11th Grade Practice Tests

The SBACs for 11th grade are the most important of the SBAC tests. Thus, practicing for them is crucial. Learning about the test, its content, and various testing methods are all key steps in ensuring success on the testing day.


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